Administrative Division

The Administrative Division represents administrative services of the Association. Committees and Advisory Boards are established by the Board of Directors.

Maxine Coffey, Executive Office Liaison
Jennifer Joslin, Executive Office Liaison

Division Representatives

2014-2016 (elected) Kerry Kincanon, Oregon State University

2016-2018 (Incoming-elected)  Cecilia Olivares, University of Memphis

2015-2017 (appointed) Brett McFarlaneUniversity of California-Davis

Operational Guidelines

The Administrative Division represents administrative services of the association. Working with committees, Chairs develop and refine the policies, procedures and activities of their area of responsibility. Committees are established by the Board of Directors.

  • The Elected Division Representatives provide leadership for the Division, convene meetings, appoint persons to take minutes, advise Chairs on activities, and present Division items to the Council.
  • The Appointed Division Representatives provide continuity of support as Elected Reps transition, handle sub-unit organization and recognition processes, gather semi-annual reports from sub-units and distribute them to Executive Office and Division Reps, and prepare timely written Division reports to the Council and Board of Directors.

Members of the governing body of the Administrative Division include the Division Representatives, the Committee Chairs, and the Advisory Board Chairs.

There are two Division Representatives, one elected and one appointed by the President with Board approval to assist with the operations of the Division and to provide continuity as the two serve staggered terms. Both Representatives serve on the NACADA Council. The Elected Rep is elected by the incoming and continuing Committee Chairs and Advisory Board Chairs.

  • Advisory Board Chairs and members are appointed by the President.
  • Committee Chairs are elected by the Committee members and Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chairs with approval of the Division Representative.

Division Representative candidates must have completed a full term as a Division Committee Chair or Advisory Board Chair. Committee Chairs must have served a full term as a Committee member. Service as a Committee Chair and Advisory Board Chair makes one eligible to be a Division Representative and a Board of Directors member.

  • Division Representatives serve two-year staggered terms.
  • Committee Chairs serve two-year staggered terms.
  • Advisory Board Chairs serve two-year terms and may be reappointed.

Some Committee members and Advisory Board members rotate off each year to allow for some new representatives while assuring continuity in operations.

The Committee Chairs and Advisory Board Chairs provide semi-annual reports to the Division Representatives. These reports are condensed and included in the Division Representatives’ report to the Board semi-annually. The work of the Advisory Board is coordinated by the Executive Office

The Division Reps,Committee Chairs and Advisory Board Chairs will meet immediately preceding the Annual Conference each year and electronically as needed. Committees and Advisory Boards will meet at the Annual Conference and electronically as needed.