Awards Committee

Function: The Awards Committee coordinates the distribution of information, solicitation of nominations, selection of recipients, and the awards presentations of all Global Awards including Pacesetter, Virginia Gordon, Service to NACADA, Leading Light, Outstanding Advising, Outstanding New Advisor, Outstanding Programs, Advising Technology Innovations, various event Scholarships and NACADA Scholarships, Student Research, and Retiree Recognition.

Membership: This committee is composed of current members and strives to ensure representation from all of the regions.

How to get involved: Experience is not required, however, those that have volunteered in an awards capacity or have experience in reviewing for awards either at the Global or Regional levels, are appreciated.  Please contact the Chair or EO Liaison for more information. 

Current Committee Chair

Alex KunkleChair, Nevada State College, (2017-2019)


Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Research Committee Chair, Harvard University, (2014-2018)
Lyndsay Durham, Technology Innovation Awards Selection Sub-Committee Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University, (2017-2019)
Theresa Hitchcock, Scholarship Selection Sub-Commitee Chair, University of Louisville, (2017-2019)
Brandan Lowden, Member-At-Large, Pikes Peak Community College, (2016-2018) 
Sherrie Jensen, Member-At Large, Weber State University (2016-2018)
Leah Panganiban, Member-At-Large, University of Washington (2018-2020)
Zoranna Jones, Member-At-Large, Texas Christian University, (2017-2019)
Karen Hauschild, Member-At-Large, College of Charleston, (2017-2019)
Megumi Makino-Kanehiro, Member-At-Large, University of Hawaii-Manoa (2017-2019)

Cynthia Pascal, Past Chair, Northern Virginia Community College (2017-2019)

Dawn Krause, NACADA Executive Office Liaison

Selection Process
The award recipients are selected as follow:

  1. Primary Role, Faculty, Administrator, New Advisor, and Program Awards: selected by subcommittees with members chosen to represent all NACADA regions and appointed for 1-2 years terms.
  2. Service to NACADA, Virginia Gordon and Pacesetter Awards: selected by the Council
  3. Advising Technology Innovation Awards: selected by the Advising Technology Innovation Awards selection sub-committee.
  4. Student Research Awards: selected by the Research Committee.
  5. NACADA Scholarship and Summer Institute Scholarship Recipients: selected by separate Scholarship selection sub-committees.

Volunteer Opportunities for Members

  • Become a reader for scholarships and/or other awards.  
    • Readers electronically review nomination packages and score them on a set of criteria. Training and support are provided.
    • Scholarship submissions come in at different times throughout the year.  Scholarship readers are needed in late Fall, Spring (March/April), early May and in Summer (July)
    • Global award nominations require many readers, especially for Outstanding Advising categories, in late March/early April annually.
    • Reading experience is not required, but strongly encouraged, for future positions on the Awards Committee.
  • Join our readers listserv to find out about reading opportunities - send an email to with 'sub n-awardsreaders' in the subject line.  
  • Volunteer at the annual conference to help with the Awards Ceremony - various positions to help organize and coordinate the event
  • Attend an Awards Committee meeting at the Annual Conference to get started with the awards process and possibly become a Member-At-Large in the future
  • Once on the Awards Committee as a Member-At-Large for a period of time, volunteer to Chair a sub-committee for a specific award.  Chairs have additional duties in reading, reviewing and selecting award/scholarship recipients.  Training and support are provided.

Contact Dawn Krause about these opportunities

News & Info

Global Award Nominations are Open!  
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Upcoming deadline 3/14/18:
Oustanding Advisor - all categories
Leading Light Award
Pacesetter Award
Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry
Virginia N. Gordon Award
Bobbie Flaherty Service to NACADA Award
Student Research Award
Advising Technology Award

Upcoming Deadline 4/15/18:
Summer Institute Scholarships

Upcoming Deadline 5/1/18:
Leigh Shaffer NACADA Journal Award 

Upcoming Deadline 6/17/18:
Annual Conference Scholarships