Web Page Development Guidelines

Each CIG's web presence will have separate webpages devoted to the information categories listed below for which the content suggested for each page is explained.   All requests for updates should be emailed to the CIG EO representative, Dawn Krause.

CIG Landing/Home Page


  • mission statement (if one exists) 
  • brief description of the purpose of the CIG
  • brief additional information that the chair would like to post. The CIG Chair's name, Institution, and e-mail address will also appear on this page. As Chair, you are responsible for providing revised content for the mission statement and CIG description as needed, and Executive Office (EO) staff will post the changes.

News & Updates Module (On landing page) —If you have a CIG newsletter, links can be displayed on this page to the various issues. Reports submitted by CIG chairs are linked to this module. Updates on CIG activities and news are also posted here. As Chair, you provide the newsletters, reports and news information and EO staff will post it.

Images - There are two required images for the CIG web site: a headshot of the Chair and the top banner image.  The head shot will be taken at Annual conference; if a different image would be preferred or one from Annual is unavailable, then the Chair should provide a headshot image to the EO representative.  The banner image is provided by the Chair. This image should be free of copyright. Any additional images can be posted to the page after EO review.  Any images of less than 5 people, permission from those in the image must be given and passed along to the EO representative.

Goals and Objectives

This page includes the overall goals and objectives established for the CIG. This information can be taken from the annual fall report and/or the post-conference report submitted annually to Division Representatives and can be updated automatically by EO staff when available.

Current & Past Leadership

The CIG chair name and contact information is listed on this page as well as that of the chair-elect (if applicable). If the CIG has a steering committee or other committees, the members of those committees can be listed as well. Should Operating Principles exist for the CIG, this information can also be posted to this page. As Chair, you provide the information and EO staff will post it.


A direct link is made from this button to the current web page that provides the instructions for subscribing, posting messages and unsubscribing to the CIG listserv. You do not need to update this page-it is standard listserv information.


This page is used to post links to CIG-related web sites that serve as vital resources for CIG members or other resource information. As Chair, you provide the resource descriptions and web addresses, and EO staff will post it.


The Executive Office will post the names of the recipients of the CIG Cluster Awards to the Awards page of the NACADA website. You do not need to provide any information for this link, it will be automatically updated by EO staff.

General Guidelines

  • The CIG web pages can be updated as needed anytime during the year. While the CIG Chair is responsible for coordinating the content for most of these pages, updates will be executed by the Executive Office staff.  Please contact Elisa Shaffer via email with updates.
  • As Chair, you are ultimately responsible for the content of your CIG's web pages as outlined above. However, you can appoint a Webmaster to coordinate this responsibility.
  • As the information for a particular page is received, it will be posted to the web as soon as possible. The development of these web pages is an ongoing process - all information does not need to be provided at the same time.
  • All content text should be submitted in a Word document.
  • No streaming video or audio content will be posted.
  • You do not need to spend any time formatting the information you will be providing. The EO staff will format the information to fit the web page template. After the information is posted or changes made, you will be notified via e-mail of the completion of this task.
  • The CIG's web site on the NACADA server is considered the official CIG web site.