CIGD Budget Guidelines


The NACADA Commission & Interest Group Division (CIGD) has created a 'central fund' for the division. Each commission may submit budget requests to this central fund. Division-wide projects will also be funded through this central fund.


  1. By June 1 of each year, division leadership will request that the NACADA Finance Committee allocate 50 cents per NACADA member as the Division central fund.
  2. As part of the annual post-conference report, each commission may submit a budget request. Requests should support projects set at commission meetings and further the NACADA strategic plan.
  3. The Division leadership will allocate funds to commissions based on requests in their post-conference reports. Funds will also be designated for any division-wide projects.
  4. Interest Groups are not eligible for budget funds, except for the CIGD fair at the NACADA annual conference.
  5. Any money left at the end of each fiscal year will remain in the Division central fund.
  6. Supplemental budget requests can be made throughout the year should such a request be needed and warranted.


  1. CIGD budget requests should focus on activities and projects that support the NACADA strategic plan.
  2. The Appointed Division Representative will have primary responsibility for monitoring the division budget. The NACADA Executive Office liaison will also be involved in processing budget expenditures.
  3. All expenditures must have prior approval from the Division Representatives before funds will be allocated and/or reimbursed to commission chairs.
  4. Reimbursements requests may only be made by Commission Chairs for previously approved budget items. All reimbursements will be made by the Executive Office in strict accordance with established NACADA policies and procedures (e.g. limits, receipts, etc.).

Standing items to be funded through the CIGD budget are:

  • $50 per commission and interest group for NACADA annual conference CIGD fair. Chairpersons may submit receipts to the NACADA Executive Office within one month of the national conference for reimbursements on fair booth decorations and expenditures.
  • Plaques for Service to Commission Awards presented at the NACADA annual conference. The NACADA Executive Office will prepare and order all plaques for commissions who participate in the formal process to select an award recipient. Intentions of selecting a Service to Commission Award recipient must be included each year by respective Commission Chairs in their post-conference reports so sufficient funds can be allocated accordingly.

The Division Representatives and Executive Office Liaison will provide a division budget report at each annual meeting. The projected budget figures for the next fiscal year will be provided in this budget report (based on projected NACADA membership).

Budget items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Expenses related to new member recruitment
  • Printed or photocopied materials for commission meetings
  • Commission projects supporting the NACADA strategic plan
  • Activities to support commission awareness at national and regional conferences

Budget requests that will not be considered include:

  • Gifts for commission members
  • Reimbursements of food/beverage expenses
  • Expenses related to NACADA membership, travel, or conference attendance
  • Additional funds for CIGD Fair beyond the $50 already allocated per Commission or Interest Group

Budget Requests from Commission Chairs:

Commission Chairs may submit budget requests within Section 2 of the online leadership report when submitting their post-conference reports in November. Such requests must be associated with an identified activity submitted under one of the mission strategies in Section 2 of the online report system.

Supplemental Budget Requests may be submitted to request funds needed for a special project unknown at the time of the original budget process/request period in the fall each year.