Commission and Interest Group Steering Committee

The Commission and Interest Group Division steering committee consists of two division representatives (one appointed, one elected); the Executive Office liaison to the CIGD; and one member per cluster (selected by the division representatives to serve two-year, staggered terms). All members of the steering committee must have completed at least one full term as a commission or interest group chair, and the committee will have representation from both commissions and interest groups. 

CIGD Steering Committee Meeting on September 25 from 1-2 pm (Zoom)

CIGD Steering Committee Meeting at Annual Conference on October 10, 11:00 -12:30 (Off-site, see email)

Steering Committee Member Responsibilities:

  1. Are assigned a ratio of commissions and interest groups.
  2. Serve as single point of contact with assigned groups.
  3. Work with chairs on ALL criteria expected from group (could be different by level).
  4. Meet with assigned chairs at the annual conference, as available.
  5. Contact assigned chairs one month after assumption of chair duties to review progress, offer assistance, reminder of deadlines, upcoming events, etc.
  6. Be pro-active vs reactive.
  7. Converse with chair about identifying potential group involvement/leaders, plan for group elections, and prepare for chair-elect announcement - work with chair to begin transition to new leadership.
  8. Discuss issues/trends/challenges with other steering committee members (via list serve and in meetings at the annual conference).
  9. Review assigned commission and interest group reports.
  10. Refer to experts in and outside of Steering Committee as appropriate.
  11. Filter issues of concern/consideration to Division Representatives.
  12. Each Steering Committee member is oversee by one of the divisions representatives:
    • Elected Representative oversees: Administration of Advising, Advising Specific Populations I, Advising Specific Populations III, Theory,Practice, and Delivery of Advising I, and Theory, Practice, and Delivery of Advising II
    • Appointed Representative oversees: Advising in Academic Programs I, Advising in Academic Programs II, Advising Specific Populations II, and Institutional Type

CIGD Steering Committee Members


Erin Justyna
Division Representative
Texas Tech University

Past CIGD Steering Committee Member
Past Chair of Advising Students with Disabilities Commission

Elected Representative Oversees:
Administration of Advising (Tracy Griffith)
Advising Specific Populations I (Kyle Ross)
Advising Specific Populations III (Amanda Mather), Theory, Practice, & Delivery of Advising I (Dana Hebreard)
Theory, Practice, & Delivery of Advising II (Dan King)
(806) 834-1196

Rebecca Cofer
Division Representative
Abraham Caldwin Agricultural College

Past Chair of Advising Students with Disabilities 

Appointed Representative Oversees:
Advising in Academic Programs I (Ned Muhovich)
Advising in Academic Programs II (Angie Walston)
Advising Specific Populations II (Megumi Makio-Kanehiro)
Institutional Type (Zoranna Jones) 

Areas of Expertise: Connecting with members, encouraging members/volunteers
(229) 391-4918

Tracy Griffith
Committee Member
Upper Iowa

Past Chair of Small Colleges & Universities Commission
Past Chair of Advising Adult Learners Commission

Areas of Expertise: Adult learners, PDR issues, underprepared students, advising manuals/handbooks
(414) 475-4844

Dana Hebreard
Committee Member
Calvin College

Past Chair of Small Colleges & Universities Commission

Areas of Expertise: Organization and Succession
(616) 526-6040

Zoranna Jones
Committee Member
Texas Christian

Past Chair of Health Professions Advising
Interest Group

Areas of Expertise: Succession planning, use of volunteers, goal setting
(817) 257-7497

Megumi Makino-Kanehiro
Committee Member
University of

Past Chair of Commission of Peer Advising and Mentoring Commission


Areas of Expertise: Committee Development
(808) 956-0346

Amanda Mather
Committee Member
Texas A&M University
at Qatar

Past Chair of Advising Education Majors Commission

Areas of Expertise: Social Media, communication, succession planning, volunteer recruitment
(974) 3378-4627

Ned Muhovich
Committee Member
Metropolitan State
University of Denver

Past Chair of Assessment of Advising Commission

Areas of Expertise: Committee development, assessing outcomes, collaboration between groups
(303) 556-4207

Kyle Ross
Committee Member
Washington State University

Past Chair of
Undecided & Exploritory Student Commission

Areas of Expertise: Use
of volunteers, forming and managing a C/IG steering committee effectively, goal development
(509) 359-4276

Kevin Thomas
Committee Member
Southern Illinois
University Edwardsville

Past Chair of Advising Administration

Areas of Expertise: 
Connecting with membership, Bringing up an underdeveloped commission, planning
(618) 650-5930

Angie Walston
Committee Member
Barton College

Past Co-Chair of Career Advising Interest Group

Areas of Expertise: Starting an Interest Group, using social media to communicate
(252) 399-6313

Jennifer Joslin & Dawn Krause
Executive Office Liaisons
NACADA: The Global Communtiy for Academic Advising
(785) 532-5717

Assignment of Commissions and Interest Groups

Each member of the Division Steering Committee is assigned specific cluster of commissions and interest groups and serves in a support role as a point of contact with those groups in carrying out the responsibilities mentioned above. Listed below is the assigned committee member for each commission and interest group. 

Administration of Advising (4) – Tracy Griffith
Advising Administration (C), Advisor Training and Development (C), Assessment of Advising (C),
Ethics and Legal Issues in Advising (IG) 

Advising in Academic Programs I (5) – Ned Muhovich
Advising Business Majors (C), Advising Education Majors (C), Advising Fine Arts Students (IG), Advising Graduate and Professional Students (C), Doctoral Students (IG) 

Advising in Academic Programs II (5) – Angie Walston
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (C), Health Professions Advising (IG), Liberal Arts Advisors (C), Pre-Law Advising (IG) 

Advising Specific Populations I (5) – Kyle Ross
Advising Adult Learners (C), Advising First-Year Students (IG), Advising Second-Year Students (IG), Advising High Achieving Students (C), Advising Student Athletes (C) 

Advising Specific Populations II (5) – Megumi Makino-Kanehiro
Advising Students with Disabilities (C), Advising Transfer Students (C), Advising Veterans, Military Students and Family Members (IG), Global Engagement (C), First-Generation College Student Advising (IG) 

Advising Specific Populations III (5) – Amanda Mather
High School to College Advising (IG), LGBTA Concerns (C), Multicultural Concerns (C), Probation/Dismissal/Reinstatement Issues (IG), Undecided and Exploratory Students (C) 

Institutional Type (6) – Zoranna Jones
Advising at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (IG), Canada (IG), Large Universities (IG), Native American and Tribal College (IG), Small Colleges and Universities (C), Two-Year Colleges (C) 

Theory, Practice, and Delivery of Advising I (5) – Dana Hebreard
Advising and Academic Coaching (IG), Appreciative Advising (IG), Faculty Advising (C),Peer Advising and Mentoring (C), Theory and Philosophy of Advising (C)

Theory, Practice, and Delivery of Advising II (5) – Kevin Thomas
Career Advising (IG), Distance Education Advising (C), New Advising Professionals (IG), Technology in Advising (C), Orientation Advising (Potential IG)