Welcome to the Advising Communities Division

Advising Communities provide members an opportunity to join others with similar academic or specific student population interests in advising.  All current members can join up to 4 Advising Communities.  

Communities are charged with:

  • Advancing NACADA’s strategic goals
  • Proposing and facilitating activities around the Community topic 
  • Providing resources to advance the professional development of members

Our Newest Leaders

Please join us in congratulating our newest leaders in the ACD!

Four new Incoming Steering Committee members/Cluster Reps for the 2018-2020 term were appointed:

  • Lindsey Byrd – will take over for Kevin Thomas as Cluster Rep for Theory, Practice, and Delivery of Advising II Communities - Career Advising, Distance Education Advising, New Advising Professionals, Technology in Advising, Orientation Advising 
  • Amber Kargol – will take over for Megumi as the Advising Specific Populations II Cluster Rep - Advising Students with Disabilities, Advising Transfer Students, Advising Veterans, Military Students and Family Members, Global Engagement, First-Generation College Student Advising 
  • Theresa Brethauer – will take over for Rebecca Hapes as the Advising in Academic Programs II Cluster Rep - Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, Health Professions Advising, Liberal Arts Advisors, Pre-Law Advising 
  • Wendy Schindler – will take over for Tracy Griffith as the Admin of Advising Cluster Rep - Advising Administration, Advisor Training and Development, Assessment of Advising

One continuing Steering Committee Member/Cluster Rep: 

  • Dana Hebreard will continue for another year as Theory, Practice, and Delivery of Advising Cluster Rep - Advising and Academic Coaching, Appreciative Advising, Faculty Advising, Peer Advising and Mentoring, Theory and Philosophy of Advising. Thanks for another 2 years of service Dana!