Technology in Advising Community Goals & Objectives

  • For the 2017 annual conference in St. Louis, we will be creating a "Tech Lab", a series of mini-sessions designed to give advisors tools and information about technology that can be used either in their advising practice or for their own professional development. Ideally, we will have about 10 different session topics, each mini-session occurring within a 25 minute time frame (so, 2 per concurrent session time slot)
  • Steering committee members run for Technology in Advising Community Chair and/or continue on steering committee; add new steering committee members
  • Curate web resources for basic “how to” of technology advisors use (Excel, Outlook, Adobe Pro, social media, etc) to aid in advisor training and/or development of technology competency
  • Create opportunities for advisors and advising administrators to connect about enterprise -level campus systems