Two-Year Colleges Advising Community

This group of professionals, concerned with advising programs at the two-year college level, was established in 1994 with the following objectives.

  • To encourage two-year college community members to actively participate in regional and national conferences
  • To provide continued support to and encourage networking among our members
  • To provide a link to the regions through representatives
  • To report activities to the membership
  • To establish and augment venues for sharing of ideas, data, and support among professional two-year colleagues

The community has an active electronic mail list for the exchange of information and networking. It is a ready source for ideas and models when addressing campus issues including recommendations for changing procedures and methods to enhance the student experience. Some of the challenges addressed are students seeking specialized and associate degrees in unique situations, transfer credit issues, and retention. 


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Sponsored Sessions at Annual Conference in Phoenix

Program title: The Puzzle of Advising Students with Autism: Putting the Pieces in Place 

Presenters: Cameron Langer 

Date/Time: October 1st, 2018 at 3:15pm

Room: N 227 A 


Program title: Concept Mapping to Assess Learning Outcomes 

Presenters: Tanja St. Pierre & Theresa Musser 

Date/Time: October 1st, 2018 at 10:15am

Room: N 22 A/B

Current Chair


Desiree Polk-Bland
Columbus State Community College

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