Commissions & Interest Groups

The NACADA Commissions and Interest Groups provide members an opportunity to join others with similar academic or specific student population interests in advising.  Most commission and interest groups offer electronic updates and newsletters, provide resources for advising related to the specific commission or interest group, and networking at in-person events such as the Annual Conference and Regional conferences, as well as online via social media and listservs.

CommCommission and Interest Group Chairsissions (C) are charged with advancing NACADA’s strategic goals, proposing and facilitating activities, and providing resources to advance the professional development of members while focusing on the specific area of the Commission.

Interest Groups (IG) are established when there is a need to focus a particular interest of NACADA members that is not served by an existing commission or interest group. Interest groups operate without formal governance or activities and are an informal way of communicating similar interests in advising issues.