Advising Adult Learners Commission

About Us

The Advising Adult Learners Commission serves advisors who spend a significant portion of their duties in serving adult students. Through the sharing of information and experience our commission assists advisors of adult learners to understand and address the unique needs of adult students. This commission's network assists members in working directly with students and administrators to properly address the needs of adult students. The commission works to advocate for the needs of adult learners in terms of providing: 1) support for their learning development; 2) services convenient for adults; 3) networking and community building opportunities; 4) strategies for dealing with financial and family responsibilities; and, 5) motivation to complete their programs.

The Advising Adult Learners Commission provides and sponsors sessions at the national and local conferences, circulates a commission newsletter, maintains a commission website and list serve to share information. In addition, the commission organizes business meetings and social gatherings for its members.

    Definition of the Adult Learner:

'Any student, regardless of age, who has adult responsibilities beyond college classes, and for whom those adult responsibilities take priority in times of crisis.'

Current Chair

Teresa Brethauer
Walden University - Baltimore

News & Updates

Join us at our meeting at Annual Conference!

When: Friday, October 13, 2017 from 10:00-11:00am

Where: Room 263

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