Advising Business Majors Recognition Program

Professional Development and Recognition

Advising Business Majors Community members have the opportunity to be recognized at Annual NACADA Conferences for extra effort/education put forward each year toward advising excellence for our students.  To qualify for recognition – community members must fulfill three of the professional development options below: 

  • Presentation at NACADA event
  • Audit a business foundation course
  • Attendance at NACADA sponsored event
  • Attendance at University Career Fair
  • Publish in the NACADA Journal / similar Publication
  • Create & Assess a New Program
  • Participation in a NACADA leadership role
  • Serve as a Student Organization Advisor
  • Participation in Advising Business Majors Community
  • Instructor/Present in an Introductory Business Course

To qualify for the Advising Business Majors Recognition Program, submit your application here by July 31st.

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