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The Small Colleges and Universities Commission focuses on issues of concern to those whose professional setting is the smaller institution.

It provides a forum—through commission-sponsored sessions at the national conference and an e-mail list—to facilitate sharing ideas, gathering information, and raising questions. Making connections with others in similar circumstances is important, since those at smaller institutions may wear many hats and may be the only persons on their campuses whose work centers on advising. Topics discussed have included assessment, registration, working with faculty advisors, degree-audit programs, “safety nets” for students in trouble, working with parents.

NACADA published a monograph, 'Advising and Learning: Academic Advising from the Perspective of Small Colleges and Universities.' The monograph has two parts--the first focuses on advising as learning; the second on model practices. 'In this monograph, experienced advisors and researchers address a wide variety of reflections and best-practice case studies to illustrate how academic advising can be viewed and effectively implemented in small colleges and universities.' (Introduction, page 11) This thought-provoking monograph emerged from the work of the commission's Committee on Publications.

Current Chair

Wiona Porath
Siena Heights University

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Join us at our meeting at Annual Conference!

When: Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 9:15-10:15am

Where: Room 263

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The Small Colleges and Universities Commission sponsored Monograph Advising and Learning from the Perspective of Small Colleges & Universities