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Our focus is the self-reflexive work of examining the theoretical, philosophical and historical foundations of academic advising, in addition to supporting theory building initiatives and their applications. We welcome the study of academic advising from any theoretical vantage point and look to incorporate theory in new ways. We seek to promote the study and understanding of theory, philosophy, and the historical foundations related to academic advising, and to support and encourage conference presentations, publications, and research in these areas. We seek to develop and advance philosophical and historical reflection in the field of academic advising both within NACADA and outside associations, administration, faculty and other stakeholders.

In October 2013 with the addition of "History" to the name of the commission, the commission changed its name to Theory, Philosophy, and History of Advising Commission.


The commission has a number of exciting developments:

  • First, thanks to a number of commission members we have put together a resource list that includes a bibliography, suggested itunes courses, and digital resources. To view this information you can either click through to the resource are of this site, or visit the new blog.
  • Second, the commission has developed a blog,, to help facilitate conversation
  • Third, each of the Academic Advising Today newsletters now features a section entitled “Theoretical Reflections.”
  • Promote the use of theory and philosophy as foundational to the practice and study of the field of academic advising. Communicating the value and utility of theory and philosophy with the aim of dispelling the misconceptions about them.
  • Provide a place for discussion and collaboration among members of NACADA who are currently interested in reading, reflecting, and finding ways to use theory and philosophy in their work.
  • Encourage more NACADA members to consider reading in a theoretical area they find interesting and that relates to their work.
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Drew Puroway
Univeristy of Saint Thomas

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