New Advising Professionals Interest Group

About Us

A major shift is taking place in the demographics of advisors across the country. As retirements and turnover occur, advising positions are being filled by those with previous experience or training in the area of academic advising. As these individuals become involved in NACADA, there is a need for an interest group in this area to discuss common issues, create professional development opportunities and provide a network for these individuals. With this document, we are formally requesting to be recognized as an Interest Group within NACADA.

During the 2005 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV a total of 34 people attended a meeting to discuss the future of this idea. Several ideas were generated, and a very positive discussion occurred as to the needs of members in this area. After returning home, the ideas generated were compiled and those people who attended the meeting were contacted to assist in identifying the most important goals for this interest group.