The Mid-South Region consists of the following states - West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Region has one Region Chair, and each state has a State Representative to promote NACADA and academic advising within the region and state; please contact any individual on the Board for more information regarding state and/or regional information.

Region Chair

Jeff Elliott, Region Chair, University of Tennessee- Knoxville (2017-2019)

Region Conference Chair - 2018

Karen Hauschild, College of Charleston, (843)- 953-5981

Region 3 Steering Committee - 2018

Suanne Early, Past Region Chair 2015-2017, University of Kentucky
Karen Hauschild, 2018 Conference Chair, College of Charleston
Jennifer McLamb, North Carolina State Liason (2017-2019), North Carolina State University
Rachel Quick, Kentucky State Liaison, University of Louisville (2015-2018)
Kristin Goodenow, South Carolina State Liaison, Clemson University (2016-2018)
Brianna (Nikki) Loy, West Virginia State Liaison, West Virginia University (2016-2018)
Elizabeth Johnson, Tennessee State Liaison, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga (2017-2019)
Jennifer Jones,  Awards Coordinator, Fairmont State University (2017-2019)
Paul Holliday-Millard, Communications Coordinator, University of North Carolina - Charlotte (2016-2018)

Conference Committee - 2018

Karen Hauschild, Conference Chair, College of Charleston
Cristy Landis, Sub-Committee Chair for Registration, Hospitality, and Transporation, College of Charleston
Vikki Bernotski, Registration, Hospitality, and Transportation, University of Tennessee Cattanooga
Carol Brasington Wilson, Registration, Hospitality, and Transportation, Wofford College
Jordan John, Registration, Hospitality, and Transportation, College of Charleston
Ron "Smitty" Smith, Registration, Hospitality, and Transportation, College of Charleston
Marian Teachey, Registration, Hospitality, and Transportation, ACED College Liaison
Stephanie Leahy, Sub-Committee Chair for Program Proposal and Selection, College of Charleston
Diane Bowers, Program Proposal and Selection, College of Charleston
Twaina Harris, Program Proposal and Selection, Claflin University
Kelly Kernich, Program Proposal and Selection, Trident Technical College
Tieren Scott, Program Proposal and Selection, Central Piedmont Community College
Mary Trent, Program Proposal and Selection, College of Charleston
Frankie Weeks, Program Proposal and Selection, Coastal Carolina
Marilee Smith, Exhibits, Donations, and Entertainment, College of Charleston
Maggie Szeman, Exhibits, Donations, and Entertainment, College of Charleston
Anne Muldrow, Sub-Committee Chair for Conference Promotion, College of Charleston
Jessica Lilly, Conference Promotion, College of Charleston
Julie Mulligan, Conference Promotion, College of Charleston
Wendy Stephens, Sub-Committee Chair for Site Coordination, College of Charleston
Laura Suggs, Site Coordination, College of Charleston

Operating Principles for Region 3 / Steering Committee

Region 3 Objectives

Professional development for academic advisors in the region

  • Regional conferences
  • State conferences
  • Sub-state conferences

Regional integrity and continuity with NACADA Strategic Plan

  • Diversity as a core value
  • Develop the new professionals in academic advising
  • Establish collaborative ties to other professional organizations with similar professional goals

1.  The Region 3 Steering Committee will consist of 12 members including the

  • Elected Region Chair
  • 5 state liaisons representing each state in the region (KY, TN, NC, SC, WV)
  • Communication coordinator
  • Research coordinator
  • Regional projects coordinator
  • Current region conference chair
  • Past conference chair
  • Incoming conference chair if available

2.  Steering committee members will serve terms of two years, allowing one additional term, beginning at the time of the annual national conference.

3.  Meetings of the steering committee will take place once per year at the next year's conference site, via conference call as determined by the Region Chair, and once at the national conference.

4.  Steering committee members are expected to attend the on-site steering committee meeting, region conference, and if possible the national conference.

5.  The steering committee is responsible for:

  • Implementing the Region 3 Guidelines
  • Advising the Region Chair on current state and region issues
  • Coordinating state drive-in meetings when possible
  • Advising the region conference planning committee
  • Finalizing the conference budget

6.  The Region Chair is charged with appointing all members of the steering committee who represent the diversity of the region, including each state in the region, both sexes, both two and four year institutions, and ethnic and cultural diversity.

7.  Application for State Liaison positions will be available at the regional conference and submitted to the Region Chair no later than one month following that conference. Appointment announcements will be made via phone and then formally announced to the region via email.

8.  In the event of an unexpected state liaison vacancy, the Region Chair will appoint a NACADA member from that state to complete the unexpired term.

9.  State Liaisons are responsible to: Promote NACADA membership within their state
Encourage professional development activities at the state level, e.g. state drive-in workshops, video conference for state institutions, etc.
Serve as liaison to the Region Chair, e.g. submitting state news updates for delivery via email to regional constituents
Perform other tasks designated by the steering committee

10.  Amendments to the Region 3 Guidelines can be made by majority vote at the regional meeting during the national conference. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Region Chair at least two months prior to the regional or national conference for consideration at such.

11.  The Region 3 holding account may hold no more than $15,000 at the end of NACADA's fiscal year (December 31). The Regional Conference Planning Committee requests holding account funds for specific expenditures through the steering committee. Other appropriate requests for funds from the holding account include:

  • Partial reimbursement toward steering committee members' expenses for attending steering committee meeting (amount to be determined by Region chair each year depending on NACADA restrictions and amount available in holding account)
  • Recognition plaques/gifts for conference chairs
  • Up to $200 grants toward planning/holding professional development events
  • Membership recruitment/retention expenses to promote involvement in NACADA as approved by the majority of the Region 3 Steering committee
  • A sum of $500 to be awarded to the presenters judged 'Best of Region Conference' by the attendees at Regional Conference