Elections - Region Steering Committee

Alabama State Liaison Elections 2017-2019

Heather Ammons - Serving as the Alabama liaison to NACADA, I aim to support academic advisors within the state by continuing to focus on ways to open dialogue and increase access to professional development opportunities. I have had the pleasure of serving on the ALACADA steering committee, an affiliate NACADA organization based in Alabama, for the past year. Through this role and the conversations with the other members, I realized the value of sharing perspectives with academic advisors at institutions of different sizes and types, but facing very similar obstacles within the state. I want to continue the amazing work of NACADA and Region 4 by exploring ways for advisors within the state to share viewpoints and work together to solve problems. I believe that the continued development of advisors and a focus on the unique needs of the state and region are crucial to the development of the profession.

Candi Vann - If elected to this position, I will strive to identify NACADA advising champions at all institutions in Alabama to encourage involvement in state, region, and national NACADA conferences across all institutional types. Additionally, I would reach out to other higher education professionals, not in traditional academic advising roles, to increase membership in the state.

As a member of NACADA since 2015, I have attended two conferences. I walked away from both feeling encouraged and excited about the information presented and recognized the benefits to my students and my institution. I have advised both traditional and non-traditional students and now serve as the Transfer Student Specialist for the College of Engineering at Auburn University. Through my experience with this special population, I appreciate the work of my colleagues in the 2-year college system. I believe their participation in NACADA is vital to creating the NACADA “global community”.  Additionally, I am currently serving a second term as the Technology Chair for the Advisors and Counselors Caucus, which has provided me a great foundation for leadership using technology to enhance the student and advisor experience in a digital world. My experience and passion for advising make me a viable candidate for this position.

Florida State Liaison Elections 2017-2019

Javaris Hammond - For one person to change the world seems impossible, but for every student an advisor comes in contact with he/she impacts that student’s universe. Advising is not simply creating a class schedule anymore, but devising plans that can help students achieve college goals and graduate in a timely fashion. Advisors are the unsung heroes that stay after hours or skip lunch to ensure that their students are taken care of. As advisor roles expand and the global society becomes part of the native society, NACADA can help bridge the gap for an advisor to understand the new landscape of advising.  

My name is Javaris Hammond and I would like to be the Florida Liaison for Region 4. I believe I can further enhance NACADA Global marking by recruiting more members and bring attention locally to such a vital organization. I envision bringing together all local members from universities to state schools to ensure we have a united Florida membership which demonstrates the strength of the Academic Advising community. 

Melissa Forgione - As the Florida Liaison to NACADA, I will ensure great communication with the advisors in the state of Florida to be sure they are represented well. My experience with NACADA has included presenting at regional, national and international conferences. Through my experiences at these conferences, from presenting, attending other presentations and networking, I have seen just how pivotal this organization is to academic advising. I want to contribute to NACADA's mission to further the advancement in the field of academic advising, as advisors are vital to student success. This starts at the state level, ensuring the needs and desires of Florida's advisors are being represented and met.  Through increased frequency of state newsletters, opportunities for advisors to share best practices and encouragement of increased research, communications will improve between the state, region and national levels.

Linda Kimmons - As a Director of Academic Advising for a non-profit private institute, I feel our contribution would be essential in its ability to offer more diversity within NACADA. Servicing students who are considered non-traditional and oftentimes at risk, forces you to become more innovative in your approach. Recently, I attended the NACADA Regional Conference and the experience was extraordinary. I had the pleasure of meeting other advisors and leaders who shared the same commonality of passion, tenacity, and determination that is needed to meet the needs of every student. My goal is to transfer the leadership and innovative skills I've acquired throughout my years of experience to this prestigious organization and with this, introduce an added layer of innovativeness to reach a student population that is often considered unreachable.

Brittany Hoover - My name is Brittany Hoover and I am fairly new to the Academic Advising world.  I began my career in Academic Advising in 2012 when I started working with a program called Innovation Academy at UF.  In 2013 I joined NACADA and FLACADA and enjoyed learning about the nuances and advice that so many advising professionals have beginning with my first annual conference in Minneapolis!  I have presented a poster in Las Vegas, I co- authored an article for AAT and most recently I was accepted as a member of the Emerging Leaders Program through NACADA.  I would be honored to be the Florida representative for Region 4 and NACADA, as this would allow me to get more involved in Florida Advising opportunities as well as grow in the field of advising and network with my fellow Florida advisors!  #GoGators

Robyn Firth - I have been a proud Floridian for most of my life and am always looking for opportunities to give back to our great state. I have lived in North, South, and Central Florida and am currently in “North-Central” Florida as an Academic Advisor at UF. Although I am new to NACADA leadership roles, I am very excited to be running for the Florida Liaison to NACADA Southeast Region 4 position. I know the intricacies of the Florida state system and am ready and able to be a strong voice for our state within this awesome region. One of the characteristics I most cherish about our state is our diversity and I hope you will trust me with your stories, hopes, and dreams for our place in NACADA and beyond. After all, it is all about being an advocate, and I am ready to work for you, Florida!

Angela Moore - I have been a member of NACADA for eight years and have worked in the academic advising/administration field for 10 years. My current position as Academic Services Administrator has given me the skills and mindset to take on the role as Florida Liaison. NACADA has afforded me the opportunities of becoming a mentor, chair the 2014 Florida Academic Advising Association (FLACADA) Drive-In Conference, and sit on the FLACADA Steering Committee as the Sponsorship Coordinator and Past Conference Chair.

Becoming Florida Liaison would be a new and exciting challenge for me, I can give back to the state and organization that has been a huge part of my growth throughout my career. I will continue to promote NACADA’s Mission, provide support to the Region 4 Chair, stimulate professional development around the state, and promote NACADA membership. I look forward in encouraging continued involvement in the NACADA organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Region 4 State Liaison:

As a NACADA Region 4 State Liaison, you are the main advocate for your state-wide advising community, and responsibilities may include (not limited to):

  • Informing the current Region Chair about state advising membership needs and/or concerns
  • Promoting professional development opportunities at the state, region, and/or national levels (NACADA Webinars, submitting and presenting at Regional and Annual Conferences, etc.)
  • Encouraging state nominations for advising awards (national and regional), scholarships and travel grants

As a NACADA Region 4 State Liaison you also may oversee the planning and operation of an annual State Drive-In conference by coordinating and/or delegating the following:

  • Designating a host site for current and future state drive-ins (Identify site for 2018 and preferably site for 2019)
  • Selecting conference chair(s) for 2018 and 2019 sites
  • Since Region dollars are set aside for each state drive-in conference (up to $500), assist to develop and pre-approve state conference budgets if asking for Region funds
  • Report back to Region Chair any state conference committee concerns and questions
  • Assist and guide the marketing and promotion strategies for the state conference to your state membership

As part of the Region 4 Steering Committee you are asked to:

  • Attend and actively participate in both the Regional and National Conferences and meetings
  • Develop, prepare, and submit goals for the state advising community, due every October before Annual Conference
  • Interact with Region 4 Coordinators to promote and share advising initiatives in your state and the Region
  • Represent Region 4 and your state at any and all NACADA hosted leadership events, including oversight of state meetings at the Regional and National Conference

When it is time for elections the Region holds elections for the steering committee on a rotating basis.  

1.  Nominations/applications will be solicited.
2.  Bios and platforms will be posted here.
3. Electronic ballots will go out to the state or region membership.

NOTE: The Region Chair is elected every two years through the Association election system.