Region 5 Mentoring Program

The NACADA Region 5 Mentoring Program is now accepting applications for Mentees for Spring 2018-Spring 2019.

What are the Requirements to be a Mentee?

  • Membership Status: NACADA member at the time of application and throughout the year of the program.
  • Attendance at the NACADA Region 5 Conference in 2018 and the Mentoring Program Pre-Conference Workshop.
  • Participate in the Mentee Video Conference on Wednesday, March 7 from 1-2pm eastern standard time.
  • Five years (total) or less in higher education and/or advising.

Time Commitment:

The program begins at each Region 5 conference. Participants will commit to being a mentee until the next Region 5 conference.

The mentors and mentees will decide:

  • How frequently you will meet.
  • How you will meet- in person, over the phone, Google Hangout, etc.

How Do I Become a Mentee?

  • Mentees must have five years (total) or less in higher education/advising.
  • Fill out the Mentee Application. This will be available from January 15-February 15, 2018.


Please email Michela Buccini at