Budget Coordinator – two year term beginning and ending at Regional Conferences.

  1. Manages the regional budget and assures it is in compliance with NACADA Executive Office standards
  2. Provides fiscal planning for future strategic initiatives
  3. In conjunction with the Region Chair, approves large expenditures over $500 for the region
  4. Serves as a financial consultant to State/Province conferences as requested

Communication Coordinator- two year term beginning and ending at Regional Conferences.

  1. Manages and updates content for Region 8 website (in conjunction with the Executive Office Liaison)
  2. Assist with publicity for Regional Conferences, as well as state/province level professional development events
  3. Coordinates communication for the Region 8 Awards & Scholarship program
  4. Maintains the regional communication plan in consultation with the Steering Committee
  5. In conjunction with the NACADA Executive Office, liaises with the press on regional issues meriting that type of publication
  6. Works with the State/province liaisons on communication related to membership initiatives

State/Province Liaisons –two year staggering terms.  Terms begin and end at Regional Conferences.

  1. Two Liaisons per state/province and one for the Yukon Territory
  2. Represent state/province interests at the regional level 
  3. Promote NACADA membership amongst academic advisors in the state/province
  4. Participate in setting goals, strategy, and budget for the region
  5. Encourage and facilitate awards nomination process amongst schools in their state/province
  6. Encourage local professional development through state/province level conferences
  7. Maintain communication between NACADA, the state/province membership, and any allied organizations in their state/province.  Promote and encourage membership in NACADA throughout their respective state/province.  Serves on sub-committees or task forces to address regional issues. Bring concerns, issues and needs from their state/province to the attention of the Region Chair and Steering Committee. 
  8. One State/Province Liaison will serve as secretary to produce meeting minutes and record committee action items.  This role will rotate each year. 

Eligibility and Term Limits:

To be eligible, nominees must have been a NACADA member for at least one year at the time of nomination (November 2017). Members may self-nominate or may nominate colleagues for available positions.

Nomination Requirements:

In order to confirm their candidacy, nominees should provide:

  • Simple resume including name, institution and position, and contact information
  • Platform statement of 300 words or less. Statement should include your experience with NACADA, other skills/background that you will be able to contribute to the Steering Committee, and ideas that you have for serving Region 8 members
  • Photo

Photos and Platform Statements will be posted on the Region 8 webpage for review by region members prior to the election. Nominees must submit materials directly to the Region Chair.

Election Process & Timeline: Fall 2017

Candidate platforms will be posted on the Region 8 website, and available for review by region members. Electronic ballots will be distributed to current members via email.  All members will vote for the Communications and Budget Coordinators.  Only members from the affected province/state will participate in the lelection of their Liaisons. Candidates will be notified of the outcome via email by the Region Chair.

Region 8 Election Rotation History

Fall 2016 Elections
1. Communications Coordinator
2. Budget Coordinator
3. Alaska Liaison
4. Idaho Liaison
5. Oregon Liaison
6. Washington Liaison

Fall 2015 Elections
1. Diversity & Social Justice Coordinator
2. Technology Coordinator 
3. Alberta Province Liaison
4. British Columbia Province Liaison
5. Idaho State Liaison
6. Washington State Liaison

Spring 2015 Elections
1. Alaska State Liaison
2. Alberta Province Liaison
3. British Columbia Province Liaison
4. Oregon State Liaison
5. Yukon Territory Liaison.