NACADA ELP Class 2013-2015

2013-15 ELP Class at midterm.jpg

"Mid-term" Emerging Leaders and Mentors met on Oct 10, 2014 at the Annual Conference in Minneapolis to share the successes and challenges of the first year of their journey. Partners reviewed and revised goals as they moved into the second year of their program.




Kathy Stockwell.jpg

Kathy Stockwell
retired, Fox Valley Technical College

Amanda Hodges.jpg Amanda Hodges
James Sprunt Community College

Amanda's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Present a webinar sponsored by the Two-Year Colleges Commission
  • Be an ambassador for NACADA at my home institution and encourage participation
  • Create a steering committee for the Two-Year Colleges Commission
  • Continue to develop the PAC Buddy Network in the Two-Year Colleges Commission
  • Submit an item to one of the NACADA publications
  • Improve my time management and ability to carve out time for work on my NACADA goals.
Jennifer Hodges.jpg

Jennifer Hodges 
New Mexico State University
(formerly University of North Texas) 

Ashley and Jen.jpg Ashley Racine.jpgAshley Racine
Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Ashley's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Participate in the 2015 Region 2 Conference Planning Committee
  • Take an active role in the Students with Disabilities Commission
  • Help faculty at my institution become more involved with NACADA
Vince Kloskowski,jpg

Vince Kloskowski
formerly Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Autumn and Vince.jpg Autumn Parker.jpgAutumn Parker
University of Arkansas

Autumn's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Submit conference proposals for Region VII and NACADA Annual Conference 2015
  • Participate on the conference committee for regional and/or national conference
  • Contribute to the High School to College Advising Interest Group with intentions of serving as chair
  • Look into Region VII Chair duties and consider running at next opportunity
Patti Griffin.jpg

Patricia Griffin
Fort Hays State University

Brian and Patti.jpg Brian Koslowski.jpgBrian Koslowski
Brandeis University

Brian's goals for his second ELP year are:

  • Serve as co-chair for Region 1 "unconference" committee in March 2015; propose session for regional conference
  • Increase participation in the Advising High Achieving Students Commission
  • Facilitate two MA state drive-in events (western/eastern MA) before end of term in 2015
  • Using NACADA resources and best practices, think about improving faculty advising on my campus
  • Collaborate with fellow ELP mentors/mentees on reading/writing project
Patty Pedersen.jpg

Patty Pedersen
Carbon County Higher Education Center

Brooke and Patty.jpg Brooke Whiting.jpgBrooke Whiting
Washington State University

Brooke's goals for her first ELP year are:

  • Region 8 conference chair (or co-chair)
  • Research a topic and become an expert on that issue (TBD)
  • Present at a national conference
Jennifer Joslin.jpg

Jennifer Joslin
Kansas State University

Craig and Jennifer.jpg Craig McGill.jpgCraig McGill
Florida International University

Craig's goals for his second ELP year are: 

  • Join the NACADA Research Committee; apply for a NACADA Research grant
  • As FLACADA chair, oversee 2015 drive-in, creation of bylaws for the future of the association, identify and mentor my successor
  • Work with the Sustainable Leadership Committee; informational interviews with leaders; take active steps to explore leadership opportunities in the association; look at the elections platforms
  • Develop and deliver a workshop for advisors
  • Begin to develop the outline and draft of the LGBTQ yet-to-be-titled digest
  • Finish my interviews and begin coding my research on the professionalization of academic advising
  • Continue to develop my advising-related publications
Les Riding-In.jpg

Les Riding-In
University of Texas-Arlington

Dina and Les.jpg Dina Bartoloni.jpgDina Bartoloni
Chapman University

Dina's goals for her second ELP year are: 

  • Increase Region 9 involvement
  • submit a proposal for Region 9 conference presentation
  • investigate potential contribution to the Clearinghouse
Anita Carter.jpg

Anita Carter
Wayne State University

Henrietta and Anita.jpg Henrietta Genfi.jpgHenrietta Genfi
Bentley University

Henrietta's goals for her first ELP year are:

  • Actively engage in the Diversity Committee; contribute to subcommittee work
  • Research and become more engaged in a NACADA International initiative

Heather Doyle.jpg

Heather Doyle
Dalhousie University

Michelle and Heather.jpg Michelle Ware.jpgMichelle Ware
University of Notre Dame

Michelle's goal for her second ELP year is:

  • Present at an annual, regional, or state conference
Barbara Mohrle.jpg

Barbara Mohrle
Southern Methodist University

Rachel and Barbara.jpg Rachel Kirk.jpgRachel Kirk
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Rachel's goals for her second ELP year are: 

  • Send out survey to NACADA members; compile results
  • Find out if results can be posted on NACADA website (possibly in New Advisors section)
  • Write article for NACADA Journal based on the results
  • Be an active co-chair for the High School to College Advising Interest Group, working with the members towards the goals determined by the group

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