Poster Session Hints

A poster session at NACADA Annual Conferences is a forum for presenters from around the world to highlight their programs and to share their successful ideas with colleagues by presenting a research study, a practical problem-solving effort, or an innovative program on their campus. Poster presentations provide other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with your topic.

For all information regarding the time, date, and room setting, please visit the your Presentation Information Page.

Advantages of a Poster Session

  • There is more opportunity for discussion with interested viewers.
  • More persons can view a poster than attend your concurrent session! A concurrent session can only be heard once; a poster session can be discussed several times with many participants.
  • The informal opportunity for networking and exchanging innovative ideas, and for useful feedback and discussion, can be greater with a poster presentation than with a formal concurrent session.
  • Posters can be prepared ahead of time, so the presenter can relax and focus on other things while attending the conference and not be worried about a 'formal presentation.'
Poster Sessions

During this time a breakfast/lunch is provided for all conference attendees; the line will open 30 minutes prior to general attendee entrance so that poster presenters are able to eat before the other attendees arrive.

*Please note that due to posters being on display during an earlier day of conference than the actual poster session, setup will need to be completed the day prior.

During the poster session time, presenters are expected to remain at their individual displays to be available for questions and informal discussion of the poster content. Approximately 35 poster presentations will be scheduled.

Poster Session Presenter Requirements

Poster session presenters are required to setup their presentation during the day of Thursday, October 12, so that posters will be available for display on both this day and the following morning for the poster session. Again, presenters are only required to attend the Poster Session on Friday, October 13 to answer questions.

General Information for Poster Presentations
  1. A tri-fold foam core poster board (the black tri-fold measures 36" high, 48" wide, with folds located at 12" x 24" x 12". The board is 1/8" thick) will be provided to you at no cost so you can put your materials on the poster board on location; saving you the trouble of traveling with the large board. Please contact Josh Morrison at if you would like NACADA to provide the board. You may pick up your poster board on Tuesday or Wednesday, October 10 & 11, at the Evaluation/Hospitality desk.
  2. NACADA will provide each presenter with one 6 ft. table and tabletop sign with your presentation's title, presenter's names and institutions. If you are not using a tri-fold poster board, you may want to bring a folding tabletop easel or other type of portable table top display to hold your material.
  3. If you plan to have handouts, please bring a minimum of 150 copies, or bring an adequate number of business cards to give to participants who would like to contact you for additional information when they return home. An efficient alternative to carrying handouts is to post the handouts to the conference web site so each attendee can print their own copies. The poster can be most effective for your presentation and most valuable for the conference participants if:
      1. all lettering on the display board is legible and large enough to be read from 5-10 feet away.
      2. the poster clearly and concisely states the theme of your presentation, such as a statement of your topic or problem, major findings, conclusions or strategies to be discussed, or any other pertinent information. The sequence of information on the poster should be logical and clear so a participant who walks by can read your poster and get a clear idea of you presentation and the major facets of it.
      3. you use lists, phrases, bullets, charts, drawings, or photographs on your poster instead of full text blocks. This will be more appealing to the eye for participants and full-text material can be included on the table for participants to read or review or take with them.
      4. you use color on your poster for eye appeal.
  4. Reminder: Equipment using electrical support or other audio-visual equipment MAY NOT BE USED in a poster session. You may choose to bring a battery powered laptop, but we can not guarantee internet access in the poster area.
  5. You must bring any supplies you may need (tape, felt-tipped markers, tacks, etc.) as we will be unable to provide supplies to the presenters during the conference.