Presenter Information

Your Presenter Information Page will contain important deadlines, presenter and co-presenter information, session information, abstract, audio visual needs, and instructions on how to upload your presentation handouts. 

Summary of Deadlines:

  1. Confirm Presentation within 10 days of the acceptance notification.
  2. All presenters must register by the May 6th deadline. 
  3. Have all uploads completed by June 29.
Uploading Handouts

Posting session handouts online gets your information out to the participants both prior to and after the conference. Our goal is to make electronic versions of every session's handouts available. Use this process as a supplement to, or a substitute for, paper handouts you provide. Whichever you choose; it is important that you submit your presentation materials.

Once your handouts are posted, they will be available to all participants on our website. The location of all posted handouts will be shared with registered participants prior to the conference and again in the Conference Program so they may return to their institutions and have the materials available to them.

Read how to upload your handouts to the conference website!

Audio Visual Information

You can check back to your Presenter Information Page any time prior to the conference to review the audio visual provided. You will need your proposal  number provided to you in the original proposal acceptance letter from NACADA. The page has the date and time of your presentation as well. This is also the page where you will upload your handouts.

Concurrent/Paper Session Presenters

Remember to visit your Presenter Information Page frequently for all information pertinent to your session. You will need the original proposal number provided in your proposal acceptance email from NACADA. Double-check the date, time and room location of your session. When you arrive to the conference site, locate and preview your presentation room PRIOR to your session. It is up to the presenter whether to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. You should have your presentation saved to a flash drive and opened on the laptop in the room of your session before the session starts. Having your presentation saved in multiple areas will provide assurance of you being able to get to it when necessary. Please keep presentations to the allotted time. Each concurrent session is 1 hour.

We also request that during your presentation you assist the participants in your sessions to avoid using the session as a stage for making negative comments about one group of advisors or the other. We request that presenters review their presentations for examples of stereotyping, labeling, or generalizing negative comments about the other and delete such references. Together we can enhance academic advising delivered by everyone on campuses internationally! Please remember, all of the participants have a deep belief in effective advising.

Time for questions and answers need to be incorporated into the presentation. Not having enough time has been a frequent complaint from past participants at our conferences. Presenters are encouraged to leave enough time either during or after the presentation for questions. Ten to fifteen minutes is recommended for questions and/or discussion.

Preconference Workshop Presenters

Preconference Workshops are 2 hours in length. These are highly participatory sessions. Presenters should plan for participants to be actively involved and participating in the session. 

Presenters should plan varying presentation formats for conference workshops. Lecture as well as possible small and large group activities, question and answer period are recommended.

Lightening Round Presenters

Lightening Rounds will consist of three to five presenters, each discussing their own topic. A facilitator will do introductions, give each presenter 5 to 6 minutes to present ( a longer amount of time may be available depending on the number of presenters). A presenter is allowed to use up to 6 PowerPoint slides if they choose to do so. Please be sure to do a test run prior to the session to ensure a smooth presentation. Facilitators will give a one minute warning when time is almost up. After the 30 minutes of presentation, by the presenters, the facilitator will request questions from the audience for the next 30 minutes. The Lightening Rounds are meant to be lively, quick moving, sessions.

Members of a Lightening Round will be introduced to each other prior to the conference via an email message sent out from the NACADA Executive Office.  
Poster Presentation Presenters

Poster presentations should visually guide viewers through the basics of the study displayed on the poster board while the presenter focuses on explanation of the key elements of the work and answers questions. The poster presentation is less formal and more interactive than a concurrent session because it provides the opportunity for reviewers to engage in discussion and to have one-on-one interactions with both fellow viewers and the presenter. 

The poster board is 2 m x 1 m (6.6 ft. x 3.3 ft.), stand alone boards. Both sides of the board will be used, allowing one board to accommodate two poster sessions. The poster boards are Velcro. We will provide the needed Velcro to the presenters for attachment of their work.

Please try to prepare your poster on Monday if possible, in order to allow participants to enjoy the poster during the Tuesday break and lunch. All posters need to be completed no later than Tuesday, July 17, 3 p.m. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference, with the poster presenters only being required to be present at their poster board during the assigned time, Wednesday, July 18, from 7:00 - 8:30 a.m. Coffee, tea, and Danish will be available. 

Example Poster Board

If you would like to mail your poster to Dublin so it will be waiting for you when you arrive, you can mail the poster to:

Dr. Colleen Doyle
Student Adviser
Engineering & Materials Science Centre
University College Dublin
Dublin 4


If mailing internationally, please allow three weeks for delivery.

Poster's should be removed Thursday morning. Any posters left on the poster board by noon Thursday will be recycled. 

Cancellation Policy

If it is not possible for a lead presenter or co-presenter to participate in this session, he/she must notify the Executive Office immediately. If such notification results in the session being canceled after the final cancellation deadline of May 1, it will be viewed as failing to honor your commitment to the International Conference, and future proposals will not be considered for four subsequent International Conferences.