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Director of the Academic Resource Center

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Academic Resource Center


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Position Description

The Director of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) shall develop, direct, and coordinate services and programs across the university to provide comprehensive learning services to support all undergraduate students at Duke University. In conjunction with the office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the Director will set objectives for the Center that are consistent with institutional priorities to promote student success, ensure access, and to enhance the educational experiences of all undergraduate students. The Director administers the Center’s services, programs, and outreach efforts including: individual learning consultations; the Peer Tutoring Program (PTP); the Program for Students with Learning Disabilities (PSD); the Science Advancement through Group Engagement (SAGE) program; and ARC study communities including the Math and Biology Study groups and other groups as needed.


  • The Director supervises the staff of the ARC that includes a staff psychologist, six learning consultants, two program coordinators, a business manager, and a staff assistant. The Director plans and runs weekly staff meetings as well as case management meetings. Meets individually with members of the staff as needed for case consultation, management of programs and services, and professional development discussions; conducts searches for open staff positions; completes all annual performance reviews; liaises with human resources, payroll, and other management support; and engages the staff in team building and strategic planning efforts. The Director provides in-service training and oversees professional development of the ARC staff. 45%


  • The Director will develop and direct the implementation of retention related educational initiatives especially for students coming from under-resourced or under-represented groups across the disciplines such as: the Rubenstein Scholars, the Cardea Fellows, The MasterCard Scholars, the SPIRE Scholars, and first generation college students. 10%


  • The Director interfaces and collaborates with multiple university offices including the Student Disability Access Office, DukeReach, and Counseling and Psychological Services to monitor and provide services to students with complex support needs. The Director supervises the staff psychologist in the case management of any students referred for services by these offices. 5%


  • The Director, in conjunction with center staff, oversees all outreach efforts including the maintenance and upkeep of the ARC website, digital outreach, social media efforts, and the design of any outreach materials or efforts. 5%


  • In conjunction with a business manager, the Director administers the Center’s budget. Oversees the development of the annual budget and conducts quarterly reviews for all operating, discretionary, and endowment codes under the Center’s purview. The Director also works with the staff to review the budget and collect information as needed from various program areas to update the budget as services grow and change over time. 10%


  • Coordinates the collection, interpretation, documentation, and summary of quantitative, longitudinal, multivariate, and qualitative data in relation to student learning in ARC programs and initiatives; establishes procedures for gathering data through observation, interviews, surveys, instructional technology and other sources. In conjunction with staff, writes and/or directs the preparation of reports and analyses setting forth patterns of student learning behaviors and program effectiveness; makes appropriate recommendations and plans for program improvement or enhancement; makes recommendations to Deans, Academic Advising, and the Office of Undergraduate Education that may inform policies in regard to undergraduate education. 10%


  • Leads and engages in innovative project development for purposes of identifying and securing internal and external funding resources to meet ARC objectives, as well as objectives of new projects developed in conjunction with other university departments involved in undergraduate education. 5%


  • Represents the ARC in meetings related to undergraduate education and serves on committees and planning groups as needed throughout the university. 5%
  • Supports a small caseload of students for individualized academic support. 5%

Application Process

Institution Information

Duke aspires to create a community built on collaboration, innovation,creativity, and belonging. Our collective success depends on the robustexchange of ideas—an exchange that is best when the rich diversity ofour perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences flourishes. To achievethis exchange, it is essential that all members of the community feelsecure and welcome, that the contributions of all individuals arerespected, and that all voices are heard. All members of our communityhave a responsibility to uphold these values.

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Required Qualifications

  • Candidate must have at least 3 years’ experience managing a student learning center or similar facility and demonstrate success in staff recruitment and development.

  • Experience in budget development and management, staff supervision, and promotion of the office are also expected.

  • Candidates must possess good oral, written, and cross-cultural communication skills and an ability to negotiate and resolve complex problems in a timely manner.

  • Exemplary planning and organizational skills are required.

  • A doctoral degree is required.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Communication - Ability to write, speak and present information effectively and persuasively in a wide variety of settings.  Ability to clearly articulate and present ideas, concepts, and suggestions to others in individual or group settings.
  • Professional Knowledge  - Has knowledge of the national conversation related to  student academic support; is well versed in theories of learning and human development; has knowledge of and promotes evidence-based practice.
  • Strategic Direction—Has the ability to set objectives for the ARC that are consistent with institutional priorities that promote student success, ensure access, and enhance the educational experiences of all undergraduate students. 
  • Collaboration/Building Effective Relationships - Demonstrates the ability to make people feel valued, appreciated and included in discussions.  Genuine interest in team goals and team building. Has the ability to reach across all factions of the university to build partnerships and engage in outreach. Possesses a willingness to engage challenges and address them openly. Demonstrated experience in the supervision of staff. 
  • Creativity/Innovation - Ability to inspire and engage with new ideas and solutions and to invite your team to do so.  History of continued self-learning through continuing education and professional development. Demonstrated experience in developing a strategic vision and putting it into action. 
  • Project Management - Ability to develop and implement plans, timelines, and budgets and to assess or measure effectiveness.