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Health Professions Advisor

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Collaborative for Student Achievement


Colorado State University

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The Health Professions (HP) advising unit of the Collaborative for Student Achievement consists of a full-time assistant director and three full-time advisors who work with students interested in pursuing professional animal or human health careers. HP advisors serve as complementary advisors to a student's departmental academic advisor. All pre-health students have academic majors within one of the colleges or are undeclared students who are advised through the Collaborative for Student Achievement. The Health Professions Advisor works within a team of the Collaborative for Student Achievement advisors and reports to the Assistant Director of Health Professions Advising. For more information about Health Professions Advising at CSU, please visit


  • Serve as the primary Health Professions Advisor for 600-800 students pursuing health careers.
  • Work holistically with students to understand the academic and experiential requirements to be a competitive applicant to a professional school including required and recommended courses, volunteer and health care experiences and letters of recommendation. Help students to identify areas they need to improve upon and strategies to best address their areas of weakness
  • Serve as a "campus expert" for students, faculty and staff regarding questions about the admissions requirements (courses, experiences and testing) and processes to apply to health professional schools. Track and communicate to students and relevant campus advisors/faculty changes in the requirements for admission to professional schools as they occur
  • Design and implement programs and workshops to assist students in preparing for and applying to health profession programs. Explain to students the common and secondary applications for professional programs and assist them in completing those applications including evaluating and editing their applications
  • Assist students who decide not to pursue a professional program or who are not competitive applicants to explore and prepare to enter alternative health related or other careers
  • Design and Conduct Workshops and seminars for students on topics such as: applications and personal statements, writing personal statements, exploring health careers, and shadowing/volunteer opportunities
  • Be knowledgeable of the university and departmental requirements and assist students and advisors to integrate the professional school requirements into a student's academic program. Health profession students at CSU can major in any discipline and participate in a number of special academic communities such as honors or learning communities
  • Maintain accurate and detailed advising notes through the online system
  • Track contacts of advising appointments, phone calls and e-mails monthly
  • Serve as the advisor for one or more health professions clubs
  • Maintain and update the content of the Health Professions website and work with the office IT staff to develop the design and functionality of the site
  • Maintain and update materials for students, faculty, staff and prospective students regarding preparation for the health professions in general, and specifically at Colorado State
  • Assist in maintaining and distributing the electronic Health Professions Happenings Newsletter
  • Identify and reach out to students from populations historically underrepresented in healthcare to provide them information and encourage them to explore a professional health career
  • Identify and intentionally conduct advising outreach to underrepresented students who identified themselves as interested in a health career
  • Identify existing summer research and health care experience programs across Colorado and the country and provide that information to appropriate students and assist them in applying to these programs - many of these programs are of low-cost or no-cost
  • Provide workshops and information about fee assistance programs for national admission tests and common application services
  • Intentionally help students connect and become exposed to health care professionals who themselves are from diverse backgrounds and/or first generation students
  • Work with the cultural center and advocacy offices and colleges to better coordinate outreach efforts to underrepresented students interested in health professions
  • Conduct presentations for prospective students and their parents on Health Professions Programs at Admission Visit Days
  • Conduct presentations on Health Professions Programs at Ram Orientation Programs
  • Teach Freshman Seminars within the Key Health Professions Community as requested
  • Be aware of and advertise health related volunteer, research and summer programs for pre-health students
  • Serve as a contact for the Colorado and other regional schools offering health profession programs
  • Answer e-mails from prospective students and alums regarding health professions programs
  • Be aware of and maintain contact with appropriate Professional Associations (NACADA, NAAHP) and the professional associations of medical schools (AAMC, AACOM, ADA, AAVMC, APTA, etc) and their application/testing services
  • Maintain knowledge of Colorado State University majors, campus resources, information systems, and University and college department policies and procedures
  • Maintain relationships with advisors and faculty in the departments in which health profession students major and/or take prerequisite classes. Communicate to departments the course requirements for various professional programs
  • Develop familiarity with student development theories/developmental advising and incorporate them into advising techniques
  • Establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with student diversity programs, academic departments, student affairs departments, student groups, and University resources
  • In cooperation with supervisor, design and implement a plan for professional development
  • Be a positive contributor and member of the Health Professions unit
  • Practice open communication, be supportive of the efforts and activities of other staff members
  • Act as a positive representative of the Collaborative and the Health Professions unit, and a be positive role model for students
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of overall Collaborative goals and priorities

Application Process

Institution Information

The Collaborative for Student Achievement empowers students to explore and engage in their educational and personal purpose, within an inclusive community that supports learning and graduation. The Collaborative for Student Achievement is made up of five units which include Orientation and Transition Programs, Academic Advising for Undeclared Students, Key Communities, Outreach and Support Programs, and Health Professions Advising. In all its activities, the Collaborative for Student Achievement emphasizes and enhances students' abilities and assets, and supports the campus priority for a diverse and supportive learning environment.

Through academic, community and professional engagement health professions advisors assist students in exploring and preparing for careers in human and animal health.

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Contact Information

Jordan Ervin


Required Qualifications

  • Master's degree, completed by June 1, 2018
  • One year of professional experience in a higher education setting

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience providing academic and/or career advising to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Demonstrated ability to work with highly motivated, goal oriented students
  • Demonstrated experience working with students in science based programs and/or pursuing health related careers
  • Experience coordinating and communicating with campus organizations and departments from both academic and student affairs
  • Demonstrated understanding of student development and awareness of the transition issues of students entering and progressing through higher education, particularly those pursuing health profession careers
  • Demonstrated ability to assist students to achieve their educational and professional goals
  • Strong communication skills, including interpersonal, presentation, writing and technical/computer skills
  • Experience teaching first year seminars or similar courses
  • Experience developing, facilitating and evaluating programs for students
  • Self-motivated team player with demonstrated ability to multi-task within a fast paced work environment
  • Master's degree in student affairs, higher education, counseling, psychology, or related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge of, and relevant ability with, culturally diverse communities among potential target and constituent populations