Global Awards

Awards opened- December 15, 2016

2017 Awards Call for Nominations 

Would you like to complete an application/nomination?

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Nomination Submission Portal

What are the award deadlines?

The deadline for most global award categories is March 10, 2017Visit Association Awards or the Awards Call for more details.

  • Retiree recognition forms are due by June 1, 2017
  • Visit Research Grants for submission cycles and deadlines. 

Tips & Reminders

Information and Tips for Nominators

  • Nomination packets must include only original documentation prepared specifically for the NACADA Awards Program. Materials intended for other award programs will not be considered.
  • Self-nominations are acceptable. Directors may nominate their own advising programs.
  • Current members of the Board of Directors and Council are not eligible for consideration for any annual NACADA individual awards. After the member's term expires, s/he may be eligible for consideration.
  • Nomination materials cannot be returned.
  • Retiree Recognition: Individuals who retired in the calendar year prior to the nominating year are eligible for consideration.

To help present your nomination in the best possible light:

  • Paper copies of nominations will no longer be accepted unless noted within the award guidelines.
  • Submit letters and/or materials that add substance to the nomination - quality is appreciated more than quantity. A well-written and documented submission increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  • The committee will not accept or consider additional material sent separately from your packet or letters sent directly to the committee.  Be sure to request that all support letters and documentation be returned to the nominator gathering the information for inclusion in the nomination packets for online submission.
  • Submissions that do not meet the submission requirements will not be evaluated.
  • Contact us at if you do not receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your nomination after you have completed the online submission process.  If possible, include the application #.