NACADA ELP Class 2015-2017

2015-2017 Class.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met on October 4, 2015 at the Annual Conference in Las Vegas to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.




Erin Justyna.jpg

Erin Justyna
Texas Tech University

Erin Justyna - Brandan Lowden.jpg

Brandan Lowden.jpgBrandan Lowden
Pikes Peak Community College

Brandan's goals for his second ELP year are:

  • Run for and be elected to CIG Rep
  • Apply and be selected to be a 2017-2019 ELP Mentor
  • Start a blog focusing on Two-Year College Issues by end of 2016 calendar year.


Melinda Anderson.jpg

Melinda Anderson
University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Melinda Anderson - Breanne Flores-Conteras.jpg

Breanne Flores-ContrerasBreanna Flores-Conteras.jpg
Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Breanne's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Submit a proposal to present at annual conference
  • Run for Texas state liaison
  • Submit an article for best practices
Kimberly Smith.jpg

Kimberly Smith 
Virginia Tech

Kimberly Smith - Fair Howard.jpg

Fai Howard.jpgFai Howard
Edinboro University

Fai's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Co-chair the Region 2 NACADA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Apply for 2017 NACADA Research Grant
  • Submit article to Academic Advising Today
  • Submit article to the NACADA Journal (complete dissertation with focus on advising)
  • Submit pre-conference proposal which focuses on undocumented students for Annual Meeting 2017
  • Continue to expand global network building international NACADA relationships
Kathy Earwood.jpg

Kathy Earwood
Kennesaw State University

Kathy Earwood - Jared Burton.jpg

Jared Burton.jpgJared Burton
Emporia State University
(formerly University of Arizona)

Jared's goals for his second ELP year are:    

  • Write for Academic Advising Today
  • Work with Region 7 steering committee to develop a regional mentor program
  • Apply for Steering Committee Position in Region 7
  • Apply for Chair position of the Theory, Philosophy, & History of Advising Commission
  • Join the Diversity & Awards Committees


Yvonne Halden.jpg

Yvonne Halden
University of Manitoba

Yvonne Halden - Jonelle Golding.jpg

Jonelle Golding.jpgJonelle Golding
Michigan State University

Jonelle's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • active involvement in the Diversity Committee
  • investigate role on Awards Committee
Teri Farr.jpg

Teri Farr
University of Illinois

Joshua Adams - Teri Farr.jpg

Joshua Adams.jpgJoshua Adams
Texas Woman's University

Joshua's goals for his second ELP year are: 

  • Submit article to NACADA Journal.
  • When eligible, run for Diversity Committee Chair.
  • Submit program proposal for 2017 annual conference.
  • Sustain and build upon successes achieved in year one.
Nathan Vickers.jpg

Nathan Vickers
University of Texas at Austin

Nathan Vickers - Kyle Ross.jpg

Kyle Ross.jpgKyle Ross
Eastern Washington University

Kyle's goals for his second ELP year are: 

  • Present the December NACADA Webinar on advising foreclosed students.
  • Apply to be a Mentor for ELP 2017-2019.
  • Submit a Clearinghouse article on solution-focused advising.
  • Build and identify gaps in my application to be a future Speaker with AACSS.
Sandy Waters.jpg

Sandy Waters
Old Dominion University

Sandy Waters - Marcus Peanort,jpg

Marcus Peanort.jpgMarcus Peanort
Montgomery College

Marcus' goals for his second ELP year are:

  • Submit a proposal for the 2017 Region 2 Conference
  • Work on project(s) with the NACADA Internship Connection Service (ICS).
Laura Mooney.jpg

Laura Mooney
Florida Atlantic University

Laura Mooney - Meagan Hagerty.jpg

Meagan Hagerty.jpgMeagan Hagerty
University of Minnesota

Meagan's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Obtain official recognition for Orientation Advising IG
  • Co-Chair 2016 Region 6 conference and present
  • Improve Region 6 Award Recipient recognition
  • Write article on experience establishing IG
Hilleary Himes.jpg

Hilleary Himes
Pennsylvania State University

Hilleary Himes - Stephanie Kraft-Terry.jpg

Stephanie Kraft-Terry.jpgStephanie Kraft-Terry
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Stephanie's goal for her second ELP year is: 

  • Submit a manuscript to the NACADA Journal