NACADA ELP Class 2016-2018

2016-2018 Class in Atlanta.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met on October 5, 2016 at the Annual Conference in Atlanta to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.




Kathie Sindt.jpg
Kathie Sindt
Johns Hopkins University


Kathie Sindt & Quentin Alexander.jpg

Quentin Alexander.jpgQuentin Alexander
Longwood University

Quentin's goals for his second ELP year are:

  • Submit research grant proposal and if awarded get started on research project
  • Run for Region 2 leadership position for membership and mentoring chair
  • Submit manuscript for NACADA Journal
  • More intentional participation on the Research Committee
  • Apply for Research Symposium Scholarship
Kathy Davis.jpg

Kathy Davis
Missouri State University

Kathy Davis & Mehvash Ali.jpg

Mehvash Ali.jpgMehvash Ali
American University of Sharjah

Mehvash's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • apply to be a NACADA consultant/speaker
  • submit at least one article to a NACADA publication
  • through active involvement in the Global Initiatives Committee, be a part of the efforts to expand NACADA's global reach
  • maintain regular contact with ELP mentor
Dawn Fettig.jpg

Dawn Fettig 
University of Colorado-Boulder

Tania Alverez & Dawn Fettig.jpg

Tania Alvarez.jpgTania Alvarez
Old Dominion University

Tania's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Complete my first year as Region 2 Awards Chair successfully
  • Present on ELP at Region 2 conference with ELP colleagues
  • Present on ODU Awards Program at Region 2 conference with ODU colleague
  • Continue as part of the NACADA Advising Transfer Students Commission Steering Committee
  • Serve on the group to build DACA resources for advisors
  • Serve on ELP-AB subcommittee with goal of becoming AB member
  • Continue to serve as reader for NACADA Global Awards Program
  • Volunteer for the rescheduled Virginia State Drive-In Spring 2018.
Theresa Hitchcock.jpg

Theresa Hitchcock
University of Louisville

Theresa Hitchcock & Amy Brock.jpg

Amy Brock.jpgAmalauna (Amy) Brock
Auburn University

Amy's goals for her second ELP year are: 

  • Find my Region home and get involved with that region by assisting with the region conference (reader, submit a proposal, or some other assistance) and introduce myself to the region.
  • Submit a proposal to the annual conference for the LGBTQA commission.
  • Explore other ways to get involved with NACADA (role in committees or groups that support my professional NACADA goals or give back to NACADA).
  • Volunteer at the annual conference.

Craig McGill.jpg

Craig McGill
Florida International University

Craig McGill & Fabiola Mora.jpg

Fabiola Mora.jpgFabiola Mora
Colorado State University

Fabiola's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Contribute to the group that is working on developing resources for undocumented students
  • Submit a proposal to present at Regional or Annual conference.
  • Explore NACADA publication options and submit to one.
  • Run for Chair of the Multicultural Concerns Commission.
Kyle Ellis.jpg

Kyle Ellis
University of Mississipi

Kyle Ellis & Shantalea Johns.jpg

Shantalea Johns.jpgShantalea Johns
Wayne State University

Shantalea's goals for her second ELP year are: 

  • Assist with the work of one or more of the sub-groups of the Research Committee.
  • Assist with the work of the Publications Advisory Board.
  • Receive the Excellence in Advising--Primary Role award for Region 5.
  • Explore publication possibilities through NACADA.
Rebecca Hapes.jpg

Rebecca Hapes
Texas A&M University

Locksley Knibbs & Rebecca Hapes.jpg

Locksley Knibbs,jpgLocksley Knibbs
Florida Gulf Coast University

Locksley's goals for his second ELP year are: 

  • Submit a proposal for the Region 4 conference
  • Submit a proposal for the FLACADA 2018 Drive-In Conference
  • Submit a proposal for the 2018 International Conference
  • Serve as a proposal reader for regional, annual, and international conferences
  • Submit an article for publication in AAT and/or NACADA Journal
  • Serve as a panelist for a NACADA webinar
Sally Garner.jpg

Sally Garner
University of Oregon

Sally Garner & Patricia McMillan.jpg

Patricia MacMillan.jpgPatricia MacMillan
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Patricia's goals for her second ELP year are:

  • Submit a proposal to Region 5 conference for a concurrent session
  • Submit a proposal for 2018 Annual Conference
  • Submit a proposal for 2018 Annual Conference with the Canada Interest Group
  • Lay the foundation for running for Region 5 Chair (2019-2021)
  • Join the Region 5 2019 conference planning committee
  • Look into writing for NACADA possibilties
JP Regalado.jpg

John Paul Regalado
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

JP Regalado & Mark Nelson.jpg

Mark Nelson.jpgMark Nelson
Oklahoma State University

Mark's goals for his second ELP year are:

  • Follow and support the Chairs of the entities he works with to the best of his abilities
  • Work with the IEC Chair in preparing tips and pointers related to diversity issues for conference presenters
  • Submit a presentation proposal for Region 7 conference
  • Publish in a NACADA publication.
Mandy Stephens.jpg

Mandy Stephens
Carroll University

Mandy Stephens & Jen Plante.jpg

Jen Plante.jpgJennifer Plante
Clark University

Jennifer's goal for her second ELP year are:

  • Submit an article to NACADA publication
  • Present at either Region 1 or annual conference
  • If possible, get involved with the Communications/Newsletter Committee for Region 1
  • Continue being a reader for conference (regional and annual) proposals, and continue to learn/grow in my role as Advisor Connection Representation chair on the LGBTQA Commission

2016-2018 Class Mid-Term in St Louis.jpg