Interested in learning about academic advising in a guided, online format with veteran NACADA facilitators? NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising is pleased to announce the NACADA eTutorials.

The eTutorials introduce participants to key concepts in academic advising including current foundational theories and practices from top researchers in the field of academic advising and higher education. The eTutorials will offer participants short-term, readily-available,  introductory online learning about the field of academic advising. 

Please direct questions to NACADA Associate Director Jennifer Joslin ( or 785-532-5717) about how the eTutorials can shape your professional development planning (whether individual, office, or institution)!


An intensive-learning experience focused on foundational theories and the application of those theories into practice. This learning experience is perfect for new advisors and/or faculty and staff new to the advising profession. Veteran advisors will gain deep background and learn new approaches to serving students.

  • November 13, 2017 - December 22, 2017 (registration opens September 13)


Would you like to develop an innovative and efficient program that uses peer advising to its maximum effect to serve students? Want to improve the peer advising program you have? This eTutorial is for you! Participants will experience a hands-on and practical approach to developing and nurturing the most effective peer advising program possible. 

  • 2018 Sessions TBD


An in-depth learning experience focused on understanding the nature of college students’ undecidedness toward their academic and vocational goals. This eTutorial is valuable for all advisors regardless of years of experience or institutional type.

  • November 13, 2017 - December 22, 2017 (registration opens September 13)


This eTutorial is focused on understanding the needs of first-generation students to transform the advising experience for your students. This deep learning experience is valuable for all advisors regardless of years of experience or institutional type.

  • 2018 Sessions TBD

Participant Feedback

  • Great class! Loved how it was organized and especially loved the rubrics for each assignment. It made it very clear what the expectations were. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the opportunity. The course was extremely beneficial!

  • The discussion of various theories related to advising and how they can be translated into practice with students was most beneficial. It allowed me to take the knowledge gained into my advising sessions.

  • The concept of using developmental academic advising as a strategy not a theory. The readings and assignments really engaged me in the course material and provided a context for my work as a scholar-practitioner. Additionally, the assignments and discussion forums enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the practical implications of academic advising (when using theory to inform practice).

  • I really placed great value on the feedback Dr. Steele provided me during this tutorial. It was insightful, positive and reaffirming (in terms of transferable skills to academic advising). Additionally, the feedback and questions he posed led me to digging deeper and thinking through the concepts that we were learning.

  • Jennifer [Joslin] was professional and outstanding in all her communication with me. Clear, direct, encouraging