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Student Learning Outcomes: Evidence of Teaching & Learning Component of Academic Advising

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Historically, academic advising has moved from a clerical activity to a student-centered activity to the present recognition of academic advising as an integral learning experience of the college community and culture. However, until college campuses move away from only program or delivery outcomes that primarily focus on the behaviors of those planning and delivering the advising experiences and begin to carefully develop, teach, and measure student learning outcomes for academic advising, advising will continue to be on the "edge" of the learning mission of the college campus. In this slidecast presentation, Tomarra Adams (Assistant Dean of Advising and Student Services / Assistant Professor, Pan-African & Women & Gender Studies at the University of Louisville) provides a foundation for the development of student learning outcomes as well as hands-on strategies for teaching these outcomes, activities and experiences for students, and strategies for measuring the outcomes. Viewers will discover how student learning outcomes must clearly relate to the institutional or unit advising mission; how to develop student learning outcomes that express what students should know, do, and appreciate; how to develop instructional strategies and experiences for students; and strategies for measuring the student achievement of learning outcomes. (Webinar, 4/4/07, 64 minutes)