Election Process

How is voting done for NACADA elections?

All voting for the NACADA Leadership elections is done online - no printed ballots are mailed for these elections. Login and password information is sent to members electronically just prior to the activation of the online voting system in January. Details on the elections and online voting procedures are made available each year on the election web page and are included in the monthly Highlights sent electronically to members for a couple of months before the elections.

Where can members find a list of candidates?

The final slate of candidates for the annual NACADA Leadership elections will be available on the NACADA election web page.

Where can members read about the qualifications of the candidates?

Information, including past involvement in NACADA activities and platform statements, becomes available several weeks prior to the elections and can be reviewed online via the slate of candidates posted on our Web site. Each candidate's platform statement is linked to her/his name on this list and made available to members for their review prior to the elections. A photo of each final candidate is posted on the platform web page.

A direct link to this candidate list is also printed in the monthly Highlights sent to members a couple of months prior to the elections. Access to this information is also available on applicable ballots during the online voting process.

Where can members read about the roles and responsibilities of the leadership positions being elected?

Overviews of the leadership positions that are being elected are available for review on the NACADA web site. 

Who votes for the various positions being elected?

As outlined in the NACADA bylaws, the positions of President, Vice President, and Board of Directors members are voted upon by all current NACADA members.

The elected Division Representatives are elected by the Chairs whom they will represent within that Division. Therefore, the Commission and Interest Group Division Representative is elected by only Commission Chairs; the Regional Division Representative, only by Region Chairs; and, the Administrative Division Representative, only by Standing Committee Chairs and Advisory Board Chairs .

Region Chairs are elected by their respective regional members. Standing Committee Chairs are elected by the members of the respective committees. Commission Chairs are elected by the members of their respective commissions; the commissions in which members have designated official membership as of one week prior to the beginning of the voting process will determine those Commission Chair elections in which they will be eligible to vote.

NOTE: Only those individuals whose NACADA memberships are current and paid in full as of a specified date each year are eligible to vote in the annual elections.  This specified date is usually one week prior to the beginning of the election voting process, and is communicated to members via the monthly Highlights several weeks before the elections.

Why are the elections held in the Spring?

After several years of holding elections, it was determined that the Spring seemed to be the best time for a majority of members. The Spring semester has begun on many campuses by this time so many members have a few moments to spare for the voting process. With the voting now online, the amount of time needed to vote is minimal. Members can review platform statements ahead of time and have a good idea for whom they plan to vote even before logging into the online voting tool.

Another important reason for holding elections in the Spring is to allow ample time for the newly elected officials to become involved in early leadership orientation and training activities prior to taking office in the fall, and to make plans to attend the fall annual conference to complete their training and take over their new leadership roles. In some cases, these new leaders also have an opportunity to participate in training at the regional conferences held in the spring.