Webinar Advisory Board

2018-19 WAB.jpg

Mission: The initial charge of the Webinar Advisory Board (WAB) was to assist the Executive Office with development and coordination of a process for submission, recruitment, review, and selection of topics for online programs.

Function: WAB members continue to assist the Executive Office with development of the annual Web Event series topics, recommend / recruit potential presenters for webinars, make recommendations for changes or improvements in the process or the delivery, assist with ideas / content for marketing (such as blog postings), and review digital recordings of past webinars for determinination of posting to YouTube or retirement.  

Membership: WAB members are generally viewers and/or presenters of past NACADA webinars who are interested in supporting the ongoing success of the NACADA Web Events. Members serve a two-year term and meet online throughout the year. 

How to become involved in the WAB: Those interested in assisting with the work of the WAB and/or in becoming a member should review the "WAB Member Roles & Responsibilities" document in th e Member Responsibilities module in the right-hand column of this page, and then contact the Executive Office Web Event Producer, Leigh Cunningham.

Jill Geisler Wheeler.jpgCurrent Chair

Jill Geisler Wheeler, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville


Jill Geisler Wheeler, Chair (2017-2019), University of Arkansas-Fayetteville (2014-2019)
Theresa Hitchcock, Advisor Training and Development Advising Community Chair, Hanover College (2017-2019)
John Sauter, Niagara University, Technology in Advising Community Chair (2017-2019)
Sara Ackerson, Washington State University (2017-2020)
Rebecca Hapes, Texas A&M University (2015-2019)
Lynne Mazadoorian, Rochester Institute of Technology (2018-2019)
Olga Salinas, Boise State University (2017-2019)
Noelle Moreland, Northern Virginia Community College (2017-2019)
Matt Howe, Hudson Valley Community College (2018-2020)
Tara Maroney, Hudson Valley Community College (2018-2020)
Kelly Briggs, Kansas State University (2018-2020)
Leigh Cunningham, Web Event Producer, Executive Office
Gary Cunningham, NACADA IT Manager, Executive Office