Tips for Successful Annual Meetings

Division members discussed the purpose(s) for the annual meetings held during the Annual Conference. The following ideas were shared as a result.

Meeting Preparation:

  • Communicate electronically with the members of your group prior to the conference via your listserv (which is open to non-members) and your email list (composed of NACADA members).  Executive Office Liaison Dawn Krause can assist you with sending emails to current members of your CIG. 
  • Provide your members with a tentative agenda for the meeting, asking for volunteers to help with conference activities, or sharing your thoughts for future goals and activities ahead of time.  This leaves time for networking and topical discussions during the actual meeting.
  • Your meeting agenda can also be posted on your group's webpage for members to access prior to the conference.  Contact Executive Office Liaison Dawn Krause for assistance
  • Create sign-in sheets for volunteers or for contacting attendees that want more information about your group

Meeting Basics:

  • Have a definite agenda for the meeting -- no technology is used or formal presentations made
  • Assign someone to take minutes to later post to CIG members that could not attend.
  • Introduce attendees -- works better with smaller groups.  If smaller groups, use a quick Ice Breaker exercise.
  • Introduce the group's leadership - Chair, Co-Chairs, Steering Committee Members in attendance.
  • Provide brief, basic introduction to the group - some may be brand new.  Explain how your unit relates to the overall NACADA structure. This might help members get involved more quickly.
  • Give quick ways to get involved or create a handout to give to interested attendees
  • View the annual meeting as an 'opportunity', not an 'obligation'
  • Remind members about any conference presentations, socials and your CIGD Fair table
  • Hand out any feedback forms to get group member's feedback
  • Thank members for coming and encourage their feedback/participation in the group!
  • Briefly discuss any open Steering Committee positions that may need filling

Discussion Topic Suggestions:

  • Provide way to connect with others, especially to collaborate on writing or research
  • Solicit and brainstorm conference proposal ideas and Hot Topics
  • Conduct mini chat sessions on topics solicited from the listserve, last year's annual meeting or the group's annual goals
  • Poll attendees for questions to post periodically to your group's list serve that would make good discussion topics. Assign these to volunteers for periodic posts throughout the year. 
  • Brainstorm ideas to encourage members to seek a NACADA Research Grant, which could be the first step to making presentations
  • Spend half the time talking about current projects and activities within the group, and how it can better support its members and their students. Spend the other half discussing what is working on their campus or what resources they need to get their jobs done
  • Discuss any resources the group could create this year to support members and their students.  Are there pressing issues that may need linking from the group's webpage?

Assign tasks for the year's goals:

  • Find moderators or discussion leaders for various topics for your listserv or social media
  • Organize group dinners or informal social gatherings. Have sign-up sheets available at your CIGD Fair table and annual meeting
  • Utilize steering committee members to help with activities and planning

NOTE: A/V is NOT provided for meetings.  The time is used to conduct CIG business related activities, not presentations.

Do you have other ideas to add to this list?  Please contact Dawn Krause, CIGD Executive Office Liaison.  Your input is appreciated!