NACADA Region Review

The Region Division is charged to do a complete and thorough examination of NACADA’s present region structure and how it serves our members.

NACADA’s Region Division has been charged to embark upon a review similar to those the Administrative and Advising Communities Divisions recently completed. This review is being conducted to determine how to provide the best possible professional development to members. We are taking the time to reflect on what it means to be a global organization in relationship to the regional structure. 

Have Your Voice Heard

As always, our members’ voices are important. We want to hear from you! We launched a member survey in mid-November.  Thank you to all who completed the survey. 

There are additional opportunities for members to provide feedback:

  • Focus groups (virtual Zoom meetings)
  • Focus groups (in person) at Region Conference setting
  • Focus group (in person) at the International Conference 


The member survey is now closed.


Face-to-face focus groups will occur during regional conferences so consider what kind of input, comments, and suggestions would be helpful feedback. A Conversation with NACADA Leadership, a concurrent session at each regional conference, will provide an opportunity for focus group participation.

Virtual focus groups will occur in February, March and April. 

Tuesday, February 26 - North America Members - 1:00 PM CST
Tuesday, February 26 - North America Members - 3:00 PM CST
Wednesday, February 27 - North America Members - 3:00 PM CST
Thursday, February 28 - Canada Only Members - 12:00 PM (noon) CST
Monday, March 4 - North America Members - 11:00 AM CST
Monday, March 25 - Non-North America Members - 5:30 AM CST
Tuesday, March 26 - Canada Only Members - 12:00 PM (noon) CST
Wednesday, March 27 - North America Members - 3:00 PM CST
Monday, April 1 - Non-North America Members - TBD
Wednesday, April 10 - Non-North America Members - TBD
Wednesday, April 17 - Canada Only Members - 12:00 PM (noon) CST
Thursday, April 18 - North America Members - TBD

If you wish to be considered for either a virtual or face-to-face focus group, please provide your contact information here. We will randomly select focus group volunteers and will contact you with details.



Do you have a suggestion or constructive comment? You may comment directly here. An attempt will be made to respond to suggestions as response time allows.


The Region Review was the topic for the Virtual Town Hall meeting held January 18, 2019. You may view a recording of the event here.

Region Review Work Group

Thank you for your enthusiasm for this region review project! Please be sure to pass along any questions, concerns, and comments as you share this information with your region chair or with anyone on the Region Review Work Group.

Melinda Anderson (Co-Chair) Region Division Rep University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Kelly Medley
Region Division Rep Arizona State University
Nicole Kent Former Region Division Rep Oregon State University
Karen Lewis Past Region 2 Chair

University of Maryland-College Park
Deb Dotterer Past Region 5 Chair Michigan State University
Shea Ellingham Region 8 Chair; Canada Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB
Mehvash Ali Global Initiatives Committee American University of Sharjah
Maxine Coffey Executive Office Senior Associate Director; NACADA Executive Office
Ben Hopper Executive Office Assistant Director, Regional Division; NACADA Executive Office
Joan Krush Executive Office Region Review Project Manager; NACADA Executive Office
Wendy Troxel Executive Office (ad hoc) Director, NACADA Center for Research