Business Majors Advising Community

The Business Majors Advising Community seeks to identify and address the issues pertaining to business majors. This community serves as a support network for discussion, sharing of knowledge, and best practices for advising business majors. Individual and collaborative presentations and publications at the national, regional, and local levels are encouraged.

Spotlight Series 2019

February 2019

Establishing Connections: Utilizing Inverted Pre-Arrival & Remote Advising

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How To Get Involved

Mentorship Program
The Business Majors Mentorship program connects mentors and mentees for one-on-one professional development opportunities. Participants connect once a month to discuss challenges and opportunities as they work toward individual goals. This program encourages advancement and leadership within the field of academic advising. Please contact Lynda Dioszegi or Sue Mote for additional information.

Writing & Research, and Conference Presentations
To get involved in Writing & Research as it pertains to the Business Community, please contact Sarah Timko-Jodlbauer or Amber Bollinger

Business Majors Advising Community Regional Liaisons-Now Recruiting!
Please contact Amber Bollinger or Sarah Timko-Jodlbauer if you interested in serving as a liaison for your region

Contact Us
For information how to best discuss/share ideas that relate to the Business Majors Advising Community, please contact the current Chair.

Current Chair

Stacy Outlaw
Elon University