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Because academic advising is a multi-dimensional field in higher education, assessment of advising has some unique challenges. Advising is multi-level (from individual appointments to campus-wide programs), multi-disciplinary (from student development theories to specific curricular fields), and multi-functional (from conducting degree audits to teaching credit classes). The method of delivery of advising services can vary from institution to institution (from centralized to decentralized) and advising may be provided by a variety of sources (from peer mentors to faculty advisors). This unique multi-dimensionality offers both excitement and frustration to those wanting to develop or refine their assessment activities.

The Assessment of Advising Interest Group (AAIG) was created in 2001 with the intent to serve all NACADA members who want to discuss, learn about, or share expertise on the assessment of academic advising. The AAIG was granted Commission status in fall 2003. The Assessment of Advising Community (ASAC) provides a forum through which members can share their expertise, strategies and experiences with their colleagues.


The role of the Assessment of Advising Community is to provide NACADA members the resources and expertise to support their advising program goals and provide a forum for the discussion of assessment of academic advising. The primary goals of the community are to provide assessment resources and information for the membership, allow for networking and relationship building among others interested in assessment, promote the importance of assessment of advising, and encourage research and scholarship for the field of assessment of advising.


The Assessment of Advising Community strives to become a resource for new and current community members. The community will provide information and support related to assessment through an active listserv and current relevant information on the website.

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Brian Buckwald compressed

Brian Buckwald
Hunter College, CUNY

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The Assessment of Advising Community sponsored Monograph Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising, 2nd ed., 2010