First Generation College Student Advising Community

Welcome!  This community was first formed as interest group in April 2001 to identify and address issues pertaining to first-generation (first gens) college students. Ongoing discussions focus on the definition of terms, ways of identifying first-generation students, and concerns particular to these students. First-gens are represented in virtually all areas of NACADA, but are not often studied/researched in detail. We strive to provide resources that answer the questions:

  • What does it mean to be a first-generation student? 
  • How does one navigate the complexities of Academe with only limited family guidance and support?
  • Is there financial support specifically for first-gens? 
  • What barriers do first-gens face that other students do not? 
  • Does first-gen status make a difference in academic success? 

This community welcomes your input.  If you are interested in joining our LISTSERV to engage in discussions concerning first-generation college students, click here, or to join our Facebook page and network with other first-gen advising professionals and share ideas, research, and more, click here.

First Gen AC members at the ACD Fair, Phoenix 2018

Current Chair

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Brittany Hoover
University of Florida

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