Orientation Advising Community

Orientation Advising AC at the ACD Fair in Phoenix

This community was developed for advisors who play a primary role in planning, developing, and implementing new student orientation.  Our focus will be the specific student transition processes and critical nature of advising during the orientation experience.  In many ways, a first advising encounter at an Orientation event is the sole opportunity to set expectations for the future advising relationship, establish a connection and rapport with students, and explain the value of advising-specific resources available to facilitate student success.  In most cases the advising relationship begins at orientation, which makes it a critical piece of the student experience.

May Exploratory Discussion

The Undecided & Exploratory Students Advising Community wanted to engage our members in web conversations this year. We are hosting our first Exploratory Conversation on Monday, March 11thfrom 3:00-4:00 pm CST via Zoom (https://siue.zoom.us/j/492333568). These Exploratory Conversations are intended to be informal opportunities to converse with colleagues about a specific topic or issue related to advisement of undecided and exploratory students.

Our topic for March is broad and we intend to discuss how to engage undecided and exploratory students in advising. This may mean in regards to advising appointments or larger programming initiatives.  Please join us in conversation, share your ideas, ask questions, and dialogue with colleagues.

There is no need to RSVP.  You can join the conversation through the link above on your phone and/or computer.

2017 Recorded Discussion

On August 11, 2017, our group had a Brown Bag Online Meeting all about advising at orientation. Five presenters provided an overview of orientation advising activities on their respective campuses and conducted some Q&A.  

Current Chair

Jaime Oliver
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Mission & Vision

The Orientation Advising Community promotes advising best practices in establishing the campus advising relationship and expectations to assist students with clarifying academic goal setting during an institution of higher education’s formal orientation program.  Promoting completion of academic goals includes encouraging interaction of students with professionals across campus, incorporating use of technology in orientation, working with families and the student’s support system, working with special populations of students, and balancing prescriptive and developmental advising at orientation with scheduling classes/registration.