Leadership Directory - Region 10

Region 10 is comprised of members from academic institutions in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
News from state organizations will be posted, so please browse through Region 10 website to see updates. You will find links to the state organizations, professional development conferences, resources and grants. Please see our bylaws below for information on structure, vision and goals of NACADA Region 10.

Region Chair

Kelly J. Medley, Arizona State University, Region Chair (2016-2018)

Region Conference Chairs - 2018

Shalece Nuttall, Utah Valley University, Conference Co-Chair (2018)
Wade Oliver, Utah Valley University, Conference Co-Chair (2018)

Steering Committee

Carita Harrell, Arizona State University, Incoming Region Chair (2018-2020)
Mykel Beorchia, Utah State University, Awards Chair (2016-2018)
Kayla Armstrong-Alfstad, Casper College, 2-Year Wyoming Liaison (2016-2018)
Christina Anthony, University of New Mexico, 4-Year New Mexico Liaison (2017-2019)
Marcos Enriquez, Arizona State University, 4-Year Arizona Liaison (2017-2019)
Kaylee Roholt, Utah State University, 4-Year Utah Liaison (2017-2019)
Susan Scott, New Mexico Military Institute, 2-Year New Mexico Liaison (2017-2019)
Brandan Lowden, Pikes Peak Community College, 2-Year Colorado Liaison (2017-2019)
Sarah Banner, Mesa Community College, 2-Year Arizona Liaison (2017-2019)
Niki Weight, Utah State University, Technology Chair (2017-2019)
Anna Hegedus, Metropolitan State University of Denver, 4-Year Colorado Liaison (2017-2019)
Camelia Naranjo, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Mentoring Chair (2017-2019)
Stephanie Miller, New Mexico State University, Communications Chair (2017-2019)
Laura Brubaker-Wittman, University of Colorado- Boulder, Diversity Chair (2017-2019)

Conference Committee - 2018

Mykel Beorchia, Awards Chair, Utah State University
Brent Williams, Printed Conference Program/Signage, LDS Business College
Madalyn Swanson, Vendors, Southern Utah University
Wendy Farnsworth, Onsite Registration, Utah Valley University
Mayumi Kasai, Volunteers, University of Utah
Jeanne Tripp, Evaluations, Snow College
Liz Prettyman, Publicity/Social Media, Utah State University- Eastern
Julianna Espinosa, Door Prizes/Giveaways, University of Utah
Clint Moser, Audio/Visual Support, Utah Valley University
Daniel Jensen, Proposals, Weber State University
Cara Wiley, Hospitality, Brigham Young University
Verl Long, Preconference, Salt Lake Community College
Frances Peacock, Poster Sessions, Westminster College

Region 10 Operating Principles

Mission and Purpose

NACADA Mission: NACADA promotes student success by advancing the field of academic advising globally. We provide opportunities for professional development, networking and leadership for our diverse membership.

The Purpose of the Region: The Region’s purpose is to support NACADA’s mission by facilitating professional development activities, networking opportunities, leadership development, and member recruitment and service for the membership within their geographic area.

The regions propose activities to support academic advisors, faculty advisors and advising administrators within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual region conferences, state, province or area drive-ins, promote NACADA membership and develop programs which fit the needs of their specific region.

Region Chairs, working with their steering committees, lead the functions of the regions. The following operating principles outline the responsibilities of the Region Steering Committee in accomplishing the work of the region and supporting NACADA’s mission.  

Here is a complete set of the Region 10 Operating Principles