The Southeast Region 4 consists of the following: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, and the Caribbean. The Region has one Regional Representative, and each area has a Representative to promote NACADA and academic advising within the region and state. Please contact any individual on the Board for more information regarding state and/or regional information.

Region Chair

Brad BlitzGeorgia State University, (2016-2018)

Conference Chairs - 2018

Lisa Shaw, Columbus State University, (706)- 507-8787
Andrea Young, Auburn University, (334)- 844-2126

Steering Committee - 2017

Angela Moore, University of South Florida, Florida Liaison (2017-2019)
Heather Thornton, Armstrong State University, Georgia Liaison (2016-2018)
Candace Vann, Auburn University, Alabama Liaison (2017-2019)
F. Janelle Hannah-Jefferson, Jackson State University, Mississippi Liaison 
Courisse Knight, St. George's University, Caribbean Liaison (2014-2016)
Vicki Mann, Mississippi State University, Communication Coordinator (2014-2016)
Kathy Earwood, Kennesaw State University, Mentoring Coordinator (2014-2016)
Sade Tramble, Awards Coordinator, Georgia State University (2017-2018)
Rita Simpson, University of Central Florida, 407 823-3375, (2016)
Technology Coordinator, Vacant

Conference Committee

Lisa Shaw, Columbus State University, (706)- 507-8787
Andrea Young, Auburn University, (334)- 844-2126

BreAunna McKenzie, Auburn University, Proposal/Selection
Meredith Jones, Auburn University, Social Media
Kelly Koch, Columbus State University, Program Format
Stephanie Lahnala, Columbus State University, Wellness
Jonathan Hallford, Auburn University, Registration/Check-In
Jean Partridge, Columbus State University, Vendors/Exhibits
Melissa Young, Columbus State University, Donations 
Rob Kulick, Auburn University, Volunteer/Evaluation
Chelsea Powell, Columbus State University, Volunteers

Region 4 Operating Principles

Mission and Purpose

NACADA Mission: NACADA promotes student success by advancing the field of academic advising globally. We provide opportunities for professional development, networking and leadership for our diverse membership

The Purpose of the Region: The Region’s purpose is to support NACADA’s mission by facilitating professional development activities, networking opportunities, leadership development, and member recruitment and service for the membership within their geographic area.

The regions propose activities to support academic advisors, faculty advisors and advising administrators within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual region conferences, state, province or area drive-ins, promote NACADA membership and develop programs which fit the needs of their specific region.

Region Chairs, working with their steering committees, lead the functions of the regions. The following operating principles outline the responsibilities of the Region Steering Committee in accomplishing the work of the region and supporting NACADA’s mission.  

Here is a complete set of the Region 4 Operating Principles