Common Reading

Affirmation, Support, and Advocacy: Critical Race Theory and Academic Advising by Jasmine Lee This article appears in the 2018 issue of NACADA Journal Volume 38, Number 1 published by NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and available online through NACADA.

Facilitators: Debra Dotterer, Michigan State University
                     Charles Jackson, III, Michigan State University

This year’s reading explores the importance of affirmation, support, and advocacy for all students and how an understanding of critical race theory can assist advisors in improving their ability to support marginalized student populations who often refrain from seeking advising. Through a critical race theory lens, Dr. Jasmin Lee provides a context for developing affirming and supportive advisor/student interactions and calls upon all of us to examine our “authenticity and genuine interest in helping (students) succeed” regardless of background, experience, or goals.