Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
Illinois State University Region Chair (2017-2019)
Heidi Purdy Michigan State University Michigan Liaison 2017-2019
Patricia MacMillan University of Ontario Institute of Technology Ontario/Nunavut Liaison 2017-2019
Amy Foley University of Wisconsin-Platteville Wisconsin Liaison 2017-2019
Ivette Barbosa Purdue University Indianapolis Indiana Liaison 2018-2020
Dominque Thomas-Green University of Illinois Chicago Illinois Liaison 2018-2020
Jamie Heck University of Cincinnati Ohio Liaison 2018-2020
Katherine Fraser Loyola University Chicago Communication Coordinator 2017-2019
Michela Buccini University of Cincinnati Region 5 Mentoring Program Chair
Wayne State University Region 5 Awards Chair

Region Conference Committee - 2019

Name Institution Position
Paul Beasley Davenport University Conference Co-Chair 
Shantalea Johns Wayne State University Conference Co-Chair 
Heidi Purdy Michigan State University Conference Co-Chair
Deb Dotterer Michigan State University Common Reading 
Tamarie Willis Wayne State University Communications and Social Media 
Takisha Lashore Wayne State University Communications and Social Media
Martha Reck University of Wisconsin - Madison Concurrent Sessions 
Jonelle Golding Michigan State University Concurrent Sessions 
Molly Duggan Eastern Michigan University Evaluations and Feedback 
Desmond Mack Wayne State University Events, Hospitality, Travel, and Transportation 
Stephanie Hawkes Wayne State University Events, Hospitality, Travel, and Transportation 
Amanda Idema Michigan State University Logistics 
Kenya Swanson Wayne State University Logistics 
Michaela Buccini University of Cincinnati Mentoring 
Rachel Pawlowski Wayne State University Mentoring 
Roberta Rea Oakland University Poster Sessions 
Anne London Ferris State University Preconference 
Patricia MacMillan University of Ontario Program 
Chris Strychalski Madonna University Registration 
Lynne L'Hommedieu Central Michigan University Registration 
Paul Beasley Davenport University Sponsorship and Exhibitors 
Kimberly Hunter Wayne State University Volunteers 
Avanti Herczeg Wayne State University Volunteers 
Wayne State University Wellness 

Region 5 Operating Principles

Mission and Purpose

NACADA Mission: NACADA promotes student success by advancing the field of academic advising globally. We provide opportunities for professional development, networking and leadership for our diverse membership.

The Purpose of the Region: The Region’s purpose is to support NACADA’s mission by facilitating professional development activities, networking opportunities, leadership development, and member recruitment and service for the membership within their geographic area.

The regions propose activities to support academic advisors, faculty advisors and advising administrators within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual region conferences, state, province or area drive-ins, promote NACADA membership and develop programs which fit the needs of their specific region.

Region Chairs, working with their steering committees, lead the functions of the regions. The following operating principles outline the responsibilities of the Region Steering Committee in accomplishing the work of the region and supporting NACADA’s mission.  

Here is a complete set of the Region 5 Operating Principles