P1. Awakening the Drive within Yourself
Wednesday, March 15 noon-4 pm

 Are you looking to awaken or re-awaken the drive within yourself personally and professionally? If so, please join us for the 2019 NACADA Region 5                   Preconference. This year, we will be offering one preconference event that will consist of  three fifty minute segments focused on the following:

Segment 1: Leading Where You Are and Exploring Advancement Opportunities in the Advising Profession

Segment 2: Professional Development: Why it Matters and How You Can Use it to Shape Your Career 

Segment 3: Moving Forward and Moving On: Learn How to Create an Action Plan That Works! 

These intensive, fun, and interactive sessions will help connect on a smaller level to others in the NACADA Region 5 community with similar interests and provide an opportunity to continue the conversations long after the conference has ended. A resource guide will be provided as well as an opportunity to connect through three optional Webinars throughout the remainder of the 2019 year.

Registration is $50 for this interactive event and is limited to the first 40 participants.