Region 6 is comprised of members from academic institutions in Manitoba (CANADA), Saskatchewan (CANADA) , North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
Yvonne Halden 
(204) 474-876
University of Manitoba Region Chair (18-20)
Troy Schmidt Minnesota State University-Moorhead Past Region Chair (16-18)
Amber Kargol Iowa State University Iowa Liaison (17-19)
LaDonna McGohan Luther College Iowa Liaison (19-21) 
Karin Nowak-Bailey University of Manitoba Manitoba Liaison (18-20)
Katie Mehrer University of Mary North Dakota Liaison (17-19)
Jessica Bauer North Dakota State University North Dakota Liaison (19-21)
Martha Scott Johnson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Minnesota Liaison (18-20)
Olivia Miller University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska Liaison (18-20)
Samantha Wohletz Dickinson State University Communication Chair & Awards Chair (18-20)
Meagan Hagerty University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Emerging Leaders Program Liaison (16-18)
Jason Wiegand Des Moines Area Community College UAMP Liaison (18-20)
Julie Nelson University of Iowa UAMP Liaison (18-20)
Blair Pisio University of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Liaison (19-21)
South Dakota State University South Dakota Liaison (18-20)

Region Conference Committee - 2019

Name Institution Position
Holly Haddad
(605) 677-5542
University of South Dakota Conference Co-Chair 
Sherrie Bosse 
(607) 677-5698
University of South Dakota Conference Co-Chair 
Laura Jacobs South Dakota State University Volunteer Coordinator
BIllie Streufert Augustana University Local Hospitality
Todd Stricherz South Dakota State University Vendor/Exhibit/Sponsorship Coordinator
Jill Paulson University of South Dakota Program Chair

Region 6 Operating Principles

Mission and Purpose

NACADA Mission: NACADA promotes student success by advancing the field of academic advising globally. We provide opportunities for professional development, networking and leadership for our diverse membership.

The Purpose of the Region: The Region’s purpose is to support NACADA’s mission by facilitating professional development activities, networking opportunities, leadership development, and member recruitment and service for the membership within their geographic area.

The regions propose activities to support academic advisors, faculty advisors and advising administrators within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual region conferences, state, province or area drive-ins, promote NACADA membership and develop programs which fit the needs of their specific region.

Region Chairs, working with their steering committees, lead the functions of the regions. The following operating principles outline the responsibilities of the Region Steering Committee in accomplishing the work of the region and supporting NACADA’s mission.  

Here is a complete set of the Region 6 Operating Principles