Region 6

Leadership Directory - Region 6


Region 6 is comprised of members from academic institutions in Manitoba (CANADA), Saskatchewan (CANADA) , North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Region Chair

Amy Korthank, University of Iowa,  (319) 353-2484, (14-16)

Past Region Chair

Randy Rummery, Past Region Chair, Red River College, (12-14)


2015 Conference Chair

Joan Krush,  North Dakota State University,  (701) 231-2799

2016 Conference Chair

Lyndsey Rice,  University of Nebraska-Omaha (402) 554-2370
Amy Dillard, Iowa Western Community College (712) 325 3390

2017 Conference Chair

Yvonne Halden,  University of Manitoba


Region 6 Steering Committee

Julie Nelson, Iowa Liaison, University of Iowa (14-16)

Huyn-Soon Kong, Manitoba Liaison,  University of Manitoba (14-16)

Anne Stepchuk, Minnesota Liaison, Walden University- Minnesota (15-17)

Samantha Kaiser, Nebraska Liaison, University of Nebraska-Omaha (15-17)

Joan Krush, North Dakota Liaison, North Dakota State University (14-16)

Jane Rose, Saskatchewan Liaison, University of Regina (15-17)

Holly Haddad, South Dakota Liaison, University of South Dakota (15-17)

Jason Wiegand, Emerging Leaders Program, Iowa State University (14-16)





Region 6 Bylaws

NACADA Region 6 By-Laws
Approved November 2011

Purpose of the Region 6 Steering Committee:

  • To provide a connection between all levels of the National Academic Advising Association.
  • To provide leadership development opportunities for members of Region 6 within the NACADA organizational structure.
  • To Provide leadership opportunities
  • Regional conference leadership
  • Participation in state drive-in programs
  • Service on the Regional Steering Committee
  • Participation at the national level of NACADA
  • Recruitment and retention of members within Region 6
  • Development of annual Regional budget and oversight of that budget.
  • Oversight of the annual Regional Conference. (Conference chair(s) has direct responsibility for the conference.)
  • Identification of regional concerns
  • Promotion of NACADA and its standards to institutions of higher education within Region

Structure of Regional Steering Committee:
The Steering Committee of Region 6 will consist of a minimum of ten and a maximum of 12 individuals who are current members of NACADA. It will include:

  • Region Chair: elected by the members of Region 6 - Serves 2-year term
  • Current Regional Conference Chair - Appointed by Region Chair; with committee approval
  • Regional Conference Chair for the upcoming year - Appointed by Region Chair; with committee approval
  • Seven representatives of the states and provinces in Region 6- Elected by the members of the state or province
  • Appointed by Region Chair if no one runs for election - Serve 2-year terms
  • The outgoing Regional Chair will serve one year as an ex-officio member
  • Current Emerging Leader Program participants as room allows on Committee

The Region Chair is charged with appointing additional Steering Committee members who represent the diversity of the region, including each state in the region, both two and four year institutions, as well as ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity.

Communication Liaison appointed by Region Chair for a 2-year, renewable term.

Election Process for State/Province Representatives

  • Candidates may volunteer or be self-nominated or nominated by a state/provincial advising organization
  • All candidates for office must be members of NACADA
  • Elections will be held in the spring, coinciding with national NACADA elections
  • If there are no candidates, volunteers will be sought by the Region chair

Election cycle for state/province representatives will be:

  • Manitoba, NW Territories, North Dakota, Iowa even years
  • Saskatchewan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska odd years
  • Terms of office will begin in the spring, at the regional NACADA conference.

Position Responsibilities:

Region Chair

  • The responsibilities for this position are defined by NACADA and are listed in the Regional Chair’s Handbook.

Regional Conference Chair

  • The responsibilities for this position are defined by NACADA and are listed in the Regional Conference Chair’s Handbook.
  • Should attend the National NACADA conference prior to the Regional Conference, if possible.

State/Province Representative

  • Oversight of yearly state/province professional development fund.
  • Expenditures need Region Chair approval
  • Initial fund $500 for 2011-12 for each state/province.
  • Subject to budget availability in future years.
  • Stay in touch with the advising issues within the state/province
  • Encourage the facilitation or organization of one NACADA-sponsored state-wide/province-wide or local event each year.
  • Representative may delegate responsibility for event to other NACADA members in the state/province.
  • Identify areas for potential growth of NACADA membership— institutions and special populations.
  • Encourage participation in the NACADA awards programs.

Regional and National levels.

  • Attend the national NACADA conference if possible
  • Regional NACADA conference attendance is required
  • Identify and nominate candidates within state/province for leadership positions.

Steering Committee Meetings

  • Annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Regional Conference.
  • Newly elected state/province representative will start their term at the Regional Conference
  • Newly elected Regional Chair will be invited to attend, although they will not assume office until the National Conference in the fall.
  • Other meetings will be called as needed. Meetings may also be convened via teleconference and email.

NOTE:  According to NACADA reimbursement guidelines: ½ nights hotel cost will be covered by the Region budget if a steering committee member needs to arrive a night early for the Region Conference to participated in the steering committee meeting.

Vacancies on the Steering Committee
If a member of the Steering Committee cannot complete his/her term for reasons of death, resignation, removal, or any other reason, the chair shall appoint a successor to complete the term of office.
If no one is nominated to run for a state/provincial representative position, the chair may appoint someone to fill the position. This may include asking the current representative to remain in office for one additional two year term.

Complimentary Rooms at Regional Conference
Comp room will first be given to the Conference Chair
If available additional comp room will be given to the Region Chair
Remaining comp rooms will be shared with Conference Committee at the discretion of the Conference Chair.