NACADA Annual Conference Registration

September 30 - October 3, 2018
Conference Registration Fees Before or on August 30 After August 30
Current Member (does not include membership fee) $400 $455
Non-Member $570 $625
Student (not full-time employee) $270 $285
One-Day Fee NACADA Member $275 $285
One-Day Fee NACADA Non-Member $365 $380
Registration Policies

Register early -- payment must be received by the conference date. If payment is by Purchase Order (APO), please include a copy with registration form. Please fax NACADA a copy of the conference registration before you give the registration form to your institution's Business Office for processing. An APO number without the actual form will not suffice. If the APO is not available when submitting registration form, please call the Executive Office at 785-532-5717 to provide a status of the APO issue. This is for your protection – many registrations are delayed for weeks at the institution and do not arrive in our office until after the opening date of the conference.

Be sure to send us an actual copy of the Agency Purchase Order (APO) as soon as it is available. NACADA's Federal Employer ID number (FEIN) is 48-1114759.

NACADA will assess a $35 fee for returned checks.

Faxed registrations and/or payments received on/after September 24th will need to register online or onsite. Faxed registrations and payments will not be processed at the Executive Office after September 24th. Registrations onsite must be paid or guaranteed with an actual purchase order or credit card.

Payment not received by the conference date -- payment must be made before receiving conference materials on-site. Cash, check, or credit card authorization will be accepted on-site. Credit cards will be processed if other payment has not been received by October 30, 2018.

Registration transfers -- Paid registrations may be transferred to another individual at your institution if you notify NACADA in advance, in writing. Credit cannot be applied toward future events.

Refund policy -- Membership dues are not refundable. To receive a refund of conference fees, less a $50 processing fee, send a written request to the Executive Office by August 15, 2018. After this date, 50% will be refunded with written notification until September 10, 2018. No refund requests can be granted after September 10, 2018. Refund checks will be issued after the conference.

Registrants who fail to cancel their registrations through the executive office, in writing, will be responsible for the total conference registration fee even if they do not attend the conference and have not paid the registration fee.

Non-member registrants acknowledge that no reimbursement for lost discount(s) will be made, even if membership status changes.

Questions regarding the conference, your membership status, or NACADA can be directed to the Executive Office via email to, phone (785) 532-5717, or fax (785) 532-7732.