2016 NACADA Region 6 Conference

Congratulations to the Best of Region Award Winners!

Amber Kargol, Kyle Holtman, Lisa Phillips, & Chelsae Knoespel - Iowa State University
Using Habit Theory to Influence Student Behavior
Don't miss them at Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA in October 2016!


to Amy Dillard, Lyndsey Rice, and the Region 6 Conference Committee for providing an excellent professional development for nearly 300 advisors, faculty, and administrators who help thousands of students achieve success!

We look forward to seeing you next year in Winnipeg!

Conference Committee 2016    
Amy Dillard  IWCC 712-325-3390
Lyndsey Rice  UNO 402-554-4900
Registration and Volunteers:    
Brooke Clements UNO 402-554-2114
Kyran Connor  MCC 402-457-2608
Ashley Cunningham UNO 402-554-3718
Christopher Scott  Bellevue 402-557-7743
Meagan Savage   UNL 402-472-4190
Kevin Howard   UNO 402-554-4037
Karen Rodgers  MCC 402-457-2683
Missy Brunow  Bellevue 402-557-7040
Program Design:    
April Paschall  Doane 402-891-6600
On-Site Coordinator:    
Spencer Mathews IWCC 712-325-3494
Presenter Gifts:    
Spencer Mathews  IWCC  712-325-3494
Christopher Scott  Bellevue 402-557-7743
Christopher Scott  Bellevue 402-557-7743
Sponsoships and Forms:    
Spencer Mathews  IWCC  712-325-3494
Sammi Kaiser  UNO        402-554-4077
Food and Beverage:    
Lindsey Marr  UNO 402-554-3245
Kim Schuchmann   MCC 402-289-1212
Susan Sa'eed  MCC 402-457-2692





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   Jan 29, 2016 
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Region Chair 
Amy Korthank 
University of Iowa
(319) 353-2484

Conference Co-Chairs
Amy Dillard
Iowa Western Community College
(712) 325-3390

Lyndsey Rice
University of Nebraska-Omaha
(402) 544-2370