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College of Biological Sciences, Dean's Office


University of California, Davis

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Position Description
Under direction of the Associate Dean, and in collaboration with the Council of Master Advisors and Vice Chairs, provide consultation and support for undergraduate advising and instructional improvement efforts across the campus and within the College of Biological Sciences (CBS). As Co-Director, provide leadership for the Biology Academic Success Center (BASC).


In collaboration with the Associate Dean and others, provide leadership, conceive strategies, and deliver innovations to ensure optimal undergraduate student success for 5,400 undergraduate student majors in CBS, consistent with national and UC best practices. In collaboration with the Associate Dean, design and evaluate programs and workshops to improve advising, instructional support, under-represented student enhancement and retention, and career and community service opportunities for undergraduates. Apply for grant funding to provide enhanced services/programs to CBS undergraduates.


Provide support, advice and information for all levels of student advising in the college and across the campus, including administrators and faculty in the departments. Represent the BASC in discussions with other undergraduate student-oriented units across campus.

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Institution Information
When you join UC Davis, you grow and transform while helping to transform UC Davis. You are part of a unique, interdisciplinary community that embraces the challenge of addressing the greatest issues of our time while growing personally and professionally.

UC Davis is a place with a purpose. Whether caring for human and animal health, addressing issues in the changing environment, cultivating and protecting food systems, or enriching lives through art and intellectual exploration, we are united in our understanding that cutting-edge innovation and open minds will increase the quality of life for all.

Additional Information
Payroll Title:  Student Affairs Officer IV
Working Title:  Co-Director, Biology Academic Success Center
Salary Range:  $4,148.83 - $6,683.13/MO

UC Davis is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Application Process
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Contact Information
Rosie J. Banes


Required Qualifications 
-Bachelor's degree in counseling, biology, or related field, or equivalent education and experience in a public university.
-Leadership and negotiation skills to motivate a strong interactive team approach among people from diverse backgrounds, to model professional behavior and communication skills, and facilitate conflict resolution.
-Skills to motivate, communicate, resolve problems and conflicts and build an effective service-oriented team environment.
-Experience with University of California policies, procedures and regulations governing undergraduate education as set by the Academic Senate.
-Experience using counseling and guidance techniques to provide comprehensive advising and counseling services, and to provide guidance to students and parents in sensitive and emotional situations.
-Experience using decision making skills to extract from complex situations those elements of greatest relevance, present that information succinctly.
-Experience with general curricular elements and structures (e.g., courses, units, prerequisites, majors and minors) and pedagogical approaches at the college and university level.
-Skills to examine and assess college transcripts and accurately compute or review on-line computations of grade point averages and grade point balances.
-Political acumen and knowledge of protocol and decorum in representing the college and the university in interactions with multiple diverse constituencies.
-Experience providing leadership and analyzing complex issues and academic and personnel situations in an independent manner.-Skill to identify and implement solutions for advising needs to the maximum extent possible within staffing, space and budgetary limitations
.-Interpersonal skills to interact and communicate effectively and professionally with administration, staff, visitors and volunteers, using tact, diplomacy, and good judgment during all interactions in the performance of a wide variety of programs and support functions.-Experience to conduct group and public presentations to the general public in small and large group settings.
-Experience with computer software for word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications to perform standard office computer-based activities such as preparing correspondence, documents and reports.
-Organizational and time management skills to establish and pursue priorities and goals consistent with program mission; work on multiple projects simultaneously; set and meet deadlines collaboratively and on individual projects

Preferred Qualifications
-Doctorate degree in biology or a biology-related discipline, or counseling, student advising or related field.
-Knowledge to implement principles of performance oversight and coach staff to enhance their overall contributions to the organization.-Experience with instructional and advising technologies and strategies for analyzing implication of new technologies.
-Skills and experience to critically assess the form and content of advising and instructional materials for use in a wide variety of higher education settings and by diverse users.
-Experience designing and evaluating workshops and other teaching activities for faculty and/or undergraduate students
.-Experience working in close collaboration with faculty in the design and implementation of undergraduate instructional and advising improvements.
-Academic training, knowledge and experience in pedagogy, teaching methods, and curricula in higher education settings, including educational research and best practices to improve undergraduate advising and education.
-Knowledge of academic assessment models and methods sufficient to collaborate with professionals in this area
-Experience developing academic curricula, interactive classroom instruction, and student learning outcomes for undergraduate students within a discipline.
-Knowledge and experience with the application of UC undergraduate education policies and procedures at UC Davis preferred.
-Knowledge of university, federal and state policies and laws regarding privacy of information and confidentiality of student records.
-Knowledge of the academic environment and pressures encountered by students at a major research university, including students from underrepresented ethnic groups and from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
-Experience writing, editing and proofreading manuals, reports, proposals, letters, tutorial materials and research articles for print and online distribution.
-Experience in the synthesis and analysis of diverse data to prepare reports and proposals, and to assess alternative policies, recommendations, and change strategies.
-Skill to frame complex challenges in ways to support constructive problem solving among diverse constituents.
-Experience in long-term project management with complex teams spanning multiple units.