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Position Description

The School of Education is seeking an experienced academic advisor/teacher certification officer to work in the Office of Student Affairs. This position serves 400-450 students in traditional undergraduate programs (degree plus certification and certification only), one-year Master of Arts with Certification (MAC) programs, and the Michigan Alternative Route to Certification (M-ARC) program. The advisor/officer would also serve undergraduate students enrolled in the education minor (coming soon). This is a multifaceted position, incorporating elements of academic advisor, teacher certification officer, and registrar work.


Academic Advising:

  • Provide advising services to prospective and currently enrolled students on an as needed basis. This includes one-on-one in person appointments, email correspondence, phone calls, group advising sessions and walk-ins. Topics discussed include coursework, credits, grades and GPA.
  • Evaluate transcripts for prior coursework completed by admitted and prospective (on- and off-campus) undergraduate, 2nd Bachelor and graduate (MAC) students.  Explore and propose possible course substitutions from completed coursework that students can pursue with designated faculty members. 
  • Plan future coursework for admitted and prospective (on- and off-campus) undergraduate, 2nd Bachelor and graduate (MAC) students. Work closely with students to identify acceptable. prerequisite coursework. Advise on out of residence coursework to meet degree and certification requirements.
  • Routinely evaluate students’ progress toward program or minor completion to ensure they are making timely progress and allowed to continue in their area of study. Conduct a formal audit prior to degree and certification approval.
  • Support the admissions process and work of the recruiters by evaluating transcripts and preparing coursework evaluation documents for prospective undergraduate, 2nd Bachelor and graduate (MAC) students, and assisting with undergraduate transfer student orientation.
  • Refer students to external [UM campus, Michigan Department of Education (MDE)] and internal [School of Education (SOE)] resources as necessary.
  • Support students of concern with in depth communication, tracking, developing Academic Recovery Plans, monitoring College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA) and SOE Academic Progress Reports, and attend various meetings with faculty and program leadership.
  • Work with Athletics to support student athletes in developing highly customized coursework plans and schedules, and verify compliance with NCAA and Big 10 conference rules regarding progress toward degree completion.
  • Support special programs affiliated with SOE: Teacher Education Preferred Admit, Ann Arbor Languages Partnership.
  • Provide various campus offices and units with information for a variety of awards/honors including the Dean’s Award for Excellence, Phi Beta Kappa and transcript milestones.

Undergraduate Registrar

  • Responsible for all incoming transfer credit assessment, add/drop procedures, term and program withdrawals, transcript problems, and registration issues.
  • Audit coursework and grades to verify completion of all degree requirements. Approve degrees in Wolverine Access and determine eligibility for degree honors.
  • Enter data regarding degree and certification status in M-Pathways system; generate degree and certification lists.
  • Submit degree reports to the Regents’ & Alumni Records Offices three times per year.

Teacher Certification

  • Audit student records to verify completion of all teacher certification requirements for the State of Michigan.
  • Work with Elementary & Secondary program staff to verify teacher certification test scores.
  • Recommend candidates for provisional teaching certificates in Michigan Online Educator Certification system (MOECS).
  • Serve as Official Certification Officer for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) as an “expert” on state standards, policies, and procedures for certification.
  • Attend and participate in Directors and Representatives of Teacher Education Programs (DARTEP) quarterly meetings. Receive updates and new information from the MDE regarding certification policies and procedures.
  • Submit certification reports to the Registrar’s, Regents’ & Alumni Records Offices.
  • Evaluate requests for additional endorsements to an existing teaching certificate and recommend in MOECS.
  • Evaluate requests for Administrator Certificates and recommend in MOECS.

Application Information

Institution Information

The School of Education is committed to seeking candidates who bring experience and expertise in promoting diversity, and attending to equity and inclusion. The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Additional Information

$48,000.00 – $51,000.00

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Required Qualifications

  • A bachelor degree in counseling or related field plus 3-5 years related experience is required.
  • Familiarity and experience with spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets).
  • Evidence of being a self-starter, the ability to work independently, and can demonstrate the ability to work accurately and quickly.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills including thoroughly and accurately documenting expectations and agreements made during meetings with students. 
  • Demonstrate a customer-service orientation: being helpful, responding promptly, and ability to problem solve. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • A master’s degree in counseling or higher education is highly desired.

  • Significant knowledge of UM courses is also highly desired, particularly around coursework equivalencies.

  • Knowledge of state requirements related to teacher certification process would be an important asset in the selected candidate.

  • Familiarity and experience with student administration panels in the M-Pathways system is desired.

  • Creative thinker who reflects on the effectiveness of existing processes and takes initiative to suggest alternatives that increase effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Active and empathetic listener who seeks to understand students’ perspectives and support them in taking responsibility for following through on agreements made during one-to-one meetings.