NACADA ELP Class 2017-2019

2017-2019 ELP Class in St Louis.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met on October 11, 2017 at the Annual Conference in St Louis to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.




Nancy Roadruck.jpg
Nancy Roadruck
Kent State University


Nancy Roadruck & Ivette Barbosa.jpg

Ivette Barbosa.jpgIvette Barbosa
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Ivette's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Increase engagement and inclusion of the Hispanic/Latino population globally
  • Become an active member in Region 5
John Sauter.jpg

John Sauter
Niagara University

John Sauter & Rhonda Christian.jpg

Rhonda Christian.jpgRhonda Christian
Durham College

Rhondas goals for the first ELP year are:

  • NACADA Web Event: Core Competencies Webinars - Serve as member of the presenter panel for December 2017 and April 2018 webinars.
  • Collaborate on two presentation/poster proposals for 2018 Annual Conference
  • Collaborate with Canada Interest Group Chair to bring academic advisors at Canadian institutions to share best practices via virtual PD events for the year.
  • serve on Professional Development Committee (International Perspectives seat)
Wendy Troxel.jpg

Wendy Troxel
Kansas State University

Twaina Harris & Wendy Troxel.jpg

Twaina Harris,jpgTwaina Harris
Claflin University

Twaina's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • To publish a manuscript in the NACADA Journal
  • Serve on the Research Committee
    • Conduct a virtual common reader discussion that is open to all advisors, but highly promoted to advisors at HBCUs
  • Assist with launching an Emerging Scholar Mentoring Program
Kyle Ross.jpg

Kyle Ross
Washington State University

Brittany Hoover & Kyle Ross.jpg

Brittany Hoover.jpgBrittany Hoover
University of Florida

Brittany's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Become a member of the ELP Advisory Board and/or the Inclusion and Engagement Committee.
  • Participate on the Region 4 Awards Committee and apply as the Awards Coordinator for 2018-2019.
  • Submit presentation proposals to the 2018 International Conference and/or the 2018 Annual Conference in Phoenix- First Gen or Pre Health based
  • Write an article for AAT and/or write a book review for NACADA


Amy Korthank.jpg

Amy Korthank
University of Iowa

Sarah Maddox & Amy Korthank.jpg

Sarah Maddox.jpgSarah Maddox
Colorado State University

Sarah's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Run for Region 10 Chair
  • Develop a universal design handout (or possibly webinar) to address accessibility issues at conferences
  • Identify another advising community to learn more about and get involved with
Leah Panganiban.jpg

Leah Panganiban
University of Washington

Matt Marking & Leah Panganiban.jpg

Matt Markin.jpgMatthew Markin
California State University-San Bernardino

Matt's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Submit ELP presentation proposal for 2018 Region 9 Conference
  • Collaborate with other ELPers to submit a proposal for 2018 Annual Conference
  • Volunteer at the Region 9 and/or Annual Conference
  • Write an article for the NACADA blog or Academic Advising Today
  • Explore opportunities with NACADA committees
  • Serve on 2018 state conference steering committee and serve and chair of both Scholarship and Presentation Proposal committees.
David Spight. jpg

David Spight
University of California-Davis

Tara Maroney & David Spight.jpg

Tara Maloney.jpgTara Maroney
Hudson Valley Community College
(formerly University of Bridgeport)

Tara's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Run for Distance Advising for Online Education advising community chair for the 2018 – 2020 term
  • Publish an article in Academic Advising Today or the NACADA blog
  • Be an active member of the ELP Advisory Board Communications subcommittee, with the goal of becoming a member of the ELP Advisory Board
  • Participate in the 2019 planning committee for the Region 1 conference as program co-chair
Brandan Lowden.jpg

Brandan Lowden
Pikes Peak Community College

Shanna Pendergrast & Brandan Lowden.jpg

Shanna Pendergrast.jpgShanna Pendergrast
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Shanna's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Write an article for AAT
  • Collaborate with other ELPers to submit a proposal for 2018 Annual Conference
  • Become an active member of the Assessment of Advising Commission
Amanda Mather.jpg

Amanda Mather
Texas A&M University-Qatar

Wendy Schindler & Amanda Mather.jpb

Wendy Schindler.jpgWendy Schindler
Gateway Community & Technical College

Wendy's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Submit proposal for 2018 Annual Conference with fellow ELPer
  • Submit ELP presentation proposal for 2018 Region 3 conference
  • Apply to serve on the ACD steering committee
  • Serve on the LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy community steering committee and lead efforts to create online professional development modules for advisors working with LGBTQA students
  • Serve on the IEC and create a working group to consider the inclusivity of the gender/sex question on the NACADA membership application
Jennifer Joslin.jpg

Jennifer Joslin
Kansas State University

Jennifer Joslin & CJ Venable.jpg

CJ Venable.jpgCJ Venable
Kent State University

CJ's goal for the first ELP year are:

  • Submit a humanities-oriented article for publication in an academic advising venue
  • Begin writing on advisors and trans inclusion in the context of the NACADA Core Competencies
  • Advance diversity and inclusion in NACADA by joining a relevant committee or commission (Inclusion and Engagement, Advisor Training and Development, etc.)
  • Interview prior Theory, Philosophy, and History of Advising Commission Chairs to prepare to run for TPHC Chair in 2019