NACADA ELP Class 2018-2020

2018-2020 ELP Class in Phoenix.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met on Septembeer 30, 2018 at the Annual Conference in Phoenix to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.





Tracy Griffith.jpg
Tracy Griffith
University of Central Florida


Tracy & Kelly.jpg

Kelly Briggs.jpgKelly Briggs
Kansas State University

Kelly's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Submit a solo article for publication
  • Run for chair of an Advising Community
  • Apply to be a faculty intern for Summer Institute
erin donahoe-rankin.jpg

erin donahoe-rankin
University of North Texas

erin & Lindsey.jpg

Lindsey Byrd.jpgLindsey Byrd
Pensacola State College

Lindsey's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Increased involvement with the Membership, Recruitment, and Retention Committee
  • Run for Region 4 Florida state liaison (2019 term)
  • Contribute positively to the Advising Communities Division
  • Submit proposals for 2019 Region 4 conference and annual conference
Sarah Howard.jpg

Sarah Howard
Ohio State University

Sarah & Donomique.jpg

Donomique Carter.jpgDomonique Carter
North Carolina State University

Domonique's goals for the first ELP year are:


  • Join an advising community
  • Present at a regional or annual conference
  • Become a member of the Region 3 steering committee
  • Serve on an annual conference committee


Kathy Davis.jpg

Kathy Davis
Missouri State University

Kathy & Mary.jpg

Mary Etienne.jpgMary Carmel Etienne
Hofstra University

Mary's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Attend the Assessment Institute to develop her expertise in advising assessment
  • Present at a regional, annual, or international conference on probation advising
  • Submit an article on probation advising to a NACADA publication
  • Become a steering committee member for an advising community or Region 1

Jared Burton.jpg

Jared Burton
Fayetteville State University

Jared & Neena.jpg

Neena Fink.jpgNeena Fink
Southern New Hampshire University

Neena's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Writing for a NACADA publication
  • Sustainable Leadership Committee involvement
  • Join ELP Communications sub-group
  • Submit proposal for 2019 NACADA Annual Conference
  • Volunteer at 2019 regional and annual conferences
Kevin Thomas.jpg

Kevin Thomas
University of Central Arkansas

Cindy & Kevin.jpg

Cindy Firestein.jpgCindy Firestein
Simmons University

Cindy's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Explore ways to get involved with a NACADA research and/or assessment project
  • Submit a presentation proposal on supporting adult learners
  • Present at a state, regional, or annual conference in 2019
  • Join a NACADA committee (Research and/or Publications)
  • Submit an article for Academic Advising Today and/or write a book review
  • Join the 2020 Annual Conference planning committee
  • Serve on the Region 1 conference committee
  • Run for chair of the Advising Adult Learning Community
Pamela Stephens.jpg

Pamela Stephens
Fairmont State University

Jill & Pamela.jpg

Jill Putman.jpgJill Putman
Colorado State University

Jill's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Become a member of the Inclusion & Engagement Committee
  • Identify writing opportunity for AAT or a book review
  • Submit presentation proposal for 2019 Annual Conference
  • Continue involvement with the First Generation Advising Community Steering Committee
Joanne Damminger.jpg

Joanne Damminger
Delaware Tech
Community College (retired)

Joanne & Jessica.jpg

Jessica Staten.jpgJessica Staten
Indiana University-Bloomington

Jessica's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Write an article for AAT
  • Present at a conference
  • Join the Awards Committee, ELP-AB, or Annual Conference AB
  • Create a platform to run for office
Sara Ackerson.jpg

Sara Ackerson
Washington State

Sara & Comfort.jpg

Comfort Sumida.jpgComfort Sumida
University of Hawaii-Hilo

Comfort's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Serve as Region 9 Membership and Awards Coordinator
  • Present at Region 9 & 10 joint conference
  • Explore writing opportunities and create outlines for two potential article topics
Cecilia Olivares.jpg

Cecilia Olivares
University of Missouri

Cecilia & Leonor.jpg

Leonor Wangensteen.jpgLeonor Wangensteen
University of Notre Dame

Leonor's goal for the first ELP year are:

  • Continue with working group developing resources for advising undocumented and immigrant students
  • Get invovled with planning for 2020 Annual Conference in Puerto Rico
  • Continue with Spanish-translation working group
  • Become an active member of the Multicultural Concerns Advising Community - find place of service

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