Reviewing: Start to Finish

How Do I Get a Book to Review?

Option #1 -  Select a book that interests you from our list here and request it from  Books are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you receive a book that you can't 'get into', please return it to the Executive Office so that we can pass it on to another reviewer.  Books to review are in high demand by your colleagues, so please be cognizant if you find your priorities have changed and cannot provide a review.

Option #2 - If you would like to review a book not currently listed, please complete the Book Review Request Form and email it to  A Book Review Editor(s) will review the request.  If the review offer is accepted, reviewers need to acquire their own copy of the book. 

* We will not accept a book review that has been reviewed more than twice in the same year.   

What Happens Once I Accept a Book?
  • A review prepared according to the book review guidelines is expected to be submitted to the Book Review Editor(s) within three months. If this time frame cannot be met, the reviewer has three options:
    • negotiate a deadline extension with the Editor
    • return the book
    • pay replacement costs for the book plus a $10 handling charge
  • If a book is provided, it is free and remains as property of the reviewer when the review is accepted for publication
  • Books are sent via UPS so you will need to provide a street address, building and room number (where applicable) where you would like the book sent. 

How to Submit Your Review:
  • Submit it via e-mail -
  • Place the book review number, (BkRev #) in the subject line of the e-mail. The book review number is listed at the top of the invoice accompanying the book.

What are the Book Review Formatting Guidelines?
  • Single space the review in Arial font with 10 point type with one inch margins and left justified.
  • Submit the review as a Word file and not as a pdf.
  • The heading of all reviews should take the following form: BkRev #. Title of the book. (date of publication). Author(s) first and last name. City of Publication: Publisher. xx pp. Price $ xx. ISBN number, and URL where book information can be found. Find this material on the book invoice.

Identify yourself at the end of the review using the following format:

  • Reviewer name
  • Department
  • Institution (and location, if appropriate)
  • Reviewer e-mail address

Reviewers receive an e-mail confirmation when the review is received. 

Copyright Agreement

In submitting the review, the author agrees to the following stipulations:

  • The reviewer guarantees that the review is original and accurate and does not infringe on any copy right or proprietary right of others.  In the event of such claim, action or proceeding instituted against the author as a result of an alleged violation of such right, NACADA will be held harmless.
  • The reviewer grants and assigns to NACADA full and exclusive rights to publish the review. 
  • Publication will be contingent on the submission of a completed work that, in form and content, is worthy of publication. 
  • The author grants NACADA the right to copy edit, print, and reprint the review.
  • The author understand that expenses incurred in writing the review will not be reimbursed by NACADA.

What Happens After Editing?

Once the review is received it will be edited by the Book Review Editor(s) to fit APA format and style. For each review, there is the same goal: not just to correct grammar, but tighten writing (no run on sentences or ideas) and organize the article to best speak to our wide audience of readers. Some reviews require little editing, others a great deal. Some reviewers fear the editing process but don't worry as the editor(s) make suggestions and reviewers have the opportunity to accept or reject these suggestions.

Once the edit is complete reviewers receive the edited review back for final approval. At this time reviewers will have one last opportunity to edit for content. When an edited version is agreed upon, the review is posted to the book review's website and the URL is shared with the reviewer. At this point the book becomes the reviewer's property.

What Happens After the Review is Published to the Website?

Book reviews are published here.  Reviewers are sent the URL for their posted review and are asked to supply contact information for an administrator of choice. This administrator receives an e-letter announcing the publication of the review and the reviewer is copied.