Internship Opportunity Development

Getting Started

  • Evaluate the needs of your department or advising office and determine what is needed from an Intern. 
  • Create a position description that explains internship environment and lists the specific duties/responsibilities of the internship.
  • Identify what an intern would have opportunity to learn from this experience.  This may be written in the form of learning objectives.
  • Delineate any eligibility requirements of applicants (i.e. GPA, skills, previous experience) as well as any preferred qualifications.

Required Elements of the Internship Posting

The following elements will be needed to submit an Internship opportunity to the NACADA website:
  • Internship Position Title should include descriptors to assist potential applicants in determining if they should look further into this opportunity.
  • Offering Institution name and location 
  • Offering Department or Office within the institution
  • Name of a NACADA member at the institution
  • Institution Contact Person (if other than above named NACADA member) and Contact Information
  • NACADA Region location
  • Position Description
  • Intern Duties
  • Suggested / Possible Learning Outcomes for the internship experience
  • Required Qualifications
  • Preferred Qualifications
  • Internship Supervisor name and contact information
  • Any Additional Information that would be necessary or useful for an applicant to have

Recommended Reading

Chalmer, L.C. (2005). An Advising Administrator's Duty. NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources